Is Static-X still making music?

On August 22, 2021, Campos stated that the band is currently working on Project: Regeneration Vol. 2, which will also consist of recovered material, as well as entirely new songs.

Is Static-X making new music?

STATIC-X bassist Tony Campos has confirmed the band’s plan to release the second volume of “Project Regeneration”, containing many of the final vocal performances and musical compositions of late STATIC-X frontman Wayne Static, along with the original “Wisconsin Death Trip” lineup of Campos, drummer Ken Jay, and

Where is Static-X now?

Static-X are currently working on Project Regeneration Vol. 2, following up their successful Vol. 1 release from 2020.

What is Wayne Static’s real name?

Singer and guitarist Wayne Static (real name Wayne Richard Wells), frontman for metal band Static-X, has died, according to a Facebook post on the Static-X’s official page. He was 48.

Will Static-X tour again?

Static-X Reschedule The Rise of the Machine North American Tour Featuring Fear Factory and Dope to February 2023.

Can American bands tour UK?

Speaking to Metal Hammer, John explains that his main issue was how complicated it is for British musicians to visit the US, while American musicians can tour the UK with very few issues. “It’s very expensive and time consuming, and there is no set deadline for when the visas arrive,” he says.


Static X – Bring You Down (Project Regeneration) Official Video

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Static-X – All These Years (Official Video) – YouTube

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