Is take the lead a true story?

“Take the Lead” is based on the true story of Pierre Dulaine, a Manhattan dance teacher (played by Banderas) who volunteered his time to teach ballroom dancing to inner-city high-school kids who had been raised on hip-hop.

Did Antonio Banderas dance in take the lead?

Take the Lead
Production companyTiara Blu Films
Distributed byNew Line Cinema
Release dateApril 7, 2006
Running time118 minutes

Who is the wife of Antonio Banderas?

He met and began a relationship with American actress Melanie Griffith in 1995 while shooting Two Much. They married on 14 May 1996 in London. They have a daughter, Stella del Carmen Banderas (born 24 September 1996), who appeared onscreen with Griffith in Banderas’ directorial debut Crazy in Alabama (1999).

What was Pierre Dulaine’s ethnicity?

Pierre Dulaine was born in Jaffa, Palestine in 1944 to an Irish father and a Palestinian mother–both of whom fled the area in 1948. After eight months of moving several times, Dulaine’s family settled in Amman, Jordan.

Can Antonio Banderas play guitar?

Antonio Banderas, aside from being a prominent actor, is also quite skilled with music, especially the guitar. In fact, he is actually the one playing the guitar in most of his movie scenes involving the instrument.

Why is take the lead Rated PG 13?

Parents need to know that this film includes some images of violence, as well as references to painful past deaths (two kids’ siblings were killed in gang violence).

What is the movie take the lead about?

When internationally renowned dancer Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas) takes a teaching job in a New York City public school, he meets ridicule from the street-wise students, who scoff at the notion of ballroom dancing. Far from being discouraged, he melds their hip-hop moves with his classical style, helping them create a dance form and, in the process, becoming their mentor.

Is take the lead on Netflix?

Rent Take the Lead (2006) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

How do you tango?

Tango dance steps – Tango basic steps for beginners – YouTube

Who was rock in take the lead?

In “Take the Lead,” Banderas plays Pierre Dulaine, a Manhattan ballroom dancing instructor who rides the streets, impeccably dressed, on his bicycle. One day, he witnesses a student named Rock (Rob Brown) attacking a teacher’s car with a golf club.

Who is streaming take the lead?

Take the Lead, a musical movie starring Antonio Banderas, Rob Brown, and Alfre Woodard is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU or Apple TV on your Roku device.

Who was the female dancer in Take the Lead?

Katya Virshilas was born on September 10, 1983 in Lithuanian SSR, USSR [now Lithuania].

Who plays Morgan in take the lead?

Take the Lead (2006) – Katya Virshilas as Morgan – IMDb.

Where was take the lead filmed?

So, then we’ve got our “urban” school. As you can see here, it’s actually the University of Toronto Schools (UTS) at Bloor and Spadina. Here, you might recognize Degrassi alum Lauren Collins, who has a prominent role in the film. Other school interiors were shot at Danforth Tech and Orde Street Public School.


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