Is The Alloy of Law worth reading?

Alloy is small-scale, since it was intended to be a short story that turned into a novella that turned into a full novel. It’s interesting to see Allomancy and Feruchemy in a different setting, but it doesn’t have the in-universe ramifications of the original trilogy. But I think it’s still a fun read.

Can I start with alloy of law?

You can definitely start reading into the Mistborn world with this one, but The Alloy of Law is the start of a second trilogy and it ends with an awesome cliffhanger (sort of). Thea: The first thing I said to Ana when I started reading this book was, I forgot how much I love allomancy.

Should I read mistborn before alloy of law?

The Alloy of Law is an okay jumping in spot for the Cosmere, but keep in mind that this book has spoilers for the original Mistborn trilogy. Since these books aren’t interconnected, reading them in the sequential order of the respective series is recommended.

What comes after a band of mourning?

It is preceded by Shadows of Self in 2015 and is scheduled to be followed by The Lost Metal in November 15, 2022.

Is The Alloy of Law a continuation of Mistborn?

Alloy of Law was originally released as a standalone, transitional sequel to the original Mistborn trilogy. In December 2014, Sanderson stated he would write a follow-up trilogy to The Alloy of Law, and it later became the first of four books in the Wax and Wayne series.

Who is the Lord mistborn in alloy of law?

In The Alloy of Law, set 300 years after the events of The Hero of Ages, it is hinted that Spook became the character the “Lord Mistborn” and instrumental in bringing together the new empire. Most allomancers are descended from his line.

What happened in alloy of law?

It turns out that Edwarn Ladrian is actually Suit (or the other way around?). Wax goes to see him, but can’t keep him from leaving. Wax steals his logbook. That’s what happened in The Alloy of Law!

Who is Ironeyes?

AliasesIroneyes, Death
GroupsKelsier’s crew
SpeciesSteel Inquisitor

What comes after The Alloy of Law?

2011The Alloy of Law#1
2015Shadows of Self#2
2016The Bands of Mourning#3
2022The Lost Metal#4

In what order should I read Mistborn?

The books are, in order, Mistborn: The Final Empire, Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, Mistborn: The Hero of Ages and Mistborn: The Alloy of Law.

Is the Mistborn trilogy finished?

His original “Mistborn” trilogy was completed 10 years ago and will eventually include 13 books.


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