Is the lead singer of AFI straight?

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but Davey is not gay or bi. Just because your friend heard he was gay or you have read it on some messages board doesn’t make it so.” Jade posted that statement on AFI’s official message boards. Davey Havok also clarified that rumor himself in his interview with Buzznet.

Is AFI still straight edge?

“But AFI is not a straight-edge band so we will never use our music to preach to other people.

Is all straight edge sick?

Of course, Sick of it All who technically aren’t a straight edge band, but many of them hold very similar beliefs.

Is Jade Puget straight edge?

Havok is vegan and both he and guitarist Jade Puget have been straight edge for the majority of their lives, long before they broke the mainstream with the delicious hooks of 2003’s Sing the Sorrow. In these extremes, they find balance.

What means straight edge?

Straight edge (sometimes abbreviated sXe or signified by XXX or X) is a subculture of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs, in reaction to the excesses of punk subculture.

Is Negative Approach straight edge?

Over the years, the band has been lumped in with other bands as “straight edge” or “posi-core” but members of 7 Seconds have never embraced Negative Approach is considered by most fans of the Punk and Hardcore scene as one of the greatest Hardcore Bands ever!

What happened to AFI?

The rock band AFI has announced their upcoming highly-anticipated album Bodies, due June 11, 2021 via Rise Records. AFI also shared two singles off the album — “Looking Tragic” and “Begging For Trouble.” This release follows two tracks released in January, “Twisted Tongues” and “Escape from Los Angeles.”

Is AFI pop punk?

Musical style. AFI’s music has been classified under many genres of music, including punk rock, hardcore punk, emo, gothic rock, horror punk, post-hardcore, skate punk, alternative rock, screamo, garage punk, and pop-punk.

Did Davey Havok have vocal surgery?

Davey Havok joins Slim Jim Phantom & Lyndsey Parker on Volume West and talks about how panicked he was about getting vocal surgery and what The Cult’s Ian Astbury told him that put his mind at ease.

Does Davey Havok drink alcohol?

No. I’ve never been drunk. I’ve never even had a beer.

What happened Davey Havok?

After purportedly doing up to 570 pushups a day, Havok pulled something in his neck. After strenuous exercise to stay fit in quarantine and be prepared to make new music with the physique fitting of a rock musician, Havok eventually went too far and required medical attnetion for his throat.

Is Davey Havok vegan?

AFI and Blaqk Audio lead vocalist Davey Havok knows his stuff. As an outspoken, passionate vegan, he understands that leather is a profitable coproduct of the meat industry. That’s why he feels that wearing leather—even while not eating meat—contributes to animal suffering.



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