Is The Long Walk a good book?

All in all, The Long Walk is truly outstanding; especially considering it was King’s first novel. Take one simple premise, and follow that premise through to the hilt with humour, horror and compelling pathos.

Is The Long Walk worth reading?

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the finest novels I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading I rarely give 5 stars. So, I just finished The Long Walk for probably the 50th time, and it was as good this time as when I read it in 1985, at age 10. This King novel will forever be my favorite of all his works.

Who is the dark figure in The Long Walk?

The Wikipedia entry mentions that the dark figure at the story’s end is perhaps Randall Flagg, a recurring character in King, apparently, who I must confess I don’t remember although I’ve read most of ’70s and ’80s King and King-as-Bachman.

How long is The Long Walk?

Visible from the State Entrance of Windsor Castle, the ‘Long Walk’ is a 2.64-mile tree-lined avenue created during the reign of Charles II.

Who wins The Long Walk?

During the walk, Garraty makes many revelations about mortality, and the imminent possibility of his own death. Garraty bonds with many of the competitors over the course of the long walk, including the enigmatic Stebbins. Garraty eventually becomes the winner of the walk after Stebbins’s death.

What is The Long Walk AFL?

The Long Walk Trust is a charity inspired by AFL champion Michael Long which raises awareness to improve and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, wellbeing and life opportunities.

What age is The Long Walk for?

The stories are 25 years apart but the book talks about how their stories intersect. It is good for grades 3+,age 8+ and family and also people who like historical fiction.It is also good to learn about the importance of water.

Is Salva a boy or girl in A Long Walk to Water?

SALVA is a Sudan boy who, when gunfire breaks out while he’s at school, is forced to go on the run due to the civil war – leaving his family behind. The story focuses on the heart wrenching details of his journey. Nya is a young girl whose story takes place several years after that of Salva.

Is there a movie for A Long Walk to Water?

The documentary has a run-time of 17:30 and discusses the water crisis in Sudan and what Salva’s organization, Water for South Sudan, is doing to help the Sudanese people. It is available to watch free online on the organization’s website, and a link is provided in the download.

How old is Salva in A Long Walk to Water?

What’s the Story? A LONG WALK TO WATER is two interlocking stories, taking place in Sudan more than 20 years apart. In the first, 11-year-old Salva runs into the bush when his village is attacked during the civil war.

What happens in chapter 17 in A Long Walk to Water?

The reunion between Salva and his father is tearful and highly emotional. Salva has come to accept that his father died in the civil war, so seeing his father alive after all these years comes as a genuine shock. Salva learns that his mother is alive, too, and still living in the same village.

What are the rules of the Long Walk?

Three warnings and they are said to “buy a ticket”, a ticket that comes with a bullet. No sleep, no rest, no leaving the road or interfering with other walkers, just walk until you can’t walk anymore, with the literal last man standing earning the ultimate prize, anything they want for the rest of their lives.

What is the first factor that helped Salva survive?

While running from war, he is also separated from his family. Three factors helped Salva survive in a challenging environment, they are Water, his Uncle, and Hope. The first survival factor is Water.

Where is Salva in A Long Walk to Water?

“ [Park’s] spare, hard-hitting novel delivers a memorable portrait of two children in Sudan–one an 11-year-old Lost Boy, Salva, who fled in 1985 and later immigrated to the United States, and 11-year-old Nya, who collects water for her village in 2008. well-chosen details and a highly atmospheric setting

What is Salva looking forward to when he gets home?

Q. What is Salva looking forward to when he gets home? watching t.v. Q.

How long does it take to read A Long Walk to Water?

The average reader will spend 2 hours and 8 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Is The Long Walk by Stephen King scary?

There are traces of The Long Walk in a great number of contemporary young adult novels – its DNA is all over The Hunger Games, for example – but, unlike so many of the books it has influenced, The Long Walk is actually scary; threatening and unsettling.

What year is The Long Walk set in?

Originally published by King under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in 1979, The Long Walk takes place in the future in which 100 teenage boys embark on an annual competition known as “The Long Walk.” The rules are simple: maintain a speed above 4 miles per hour. Receive three warnings in an hour and you’re shot dead.

What is a long walk about?

Set in a future dystopian America, ruled by a totalitarian and militaristic dictator, the plot revolves around the contestants of a grueling annual walking contest. In 2000, the American Library Association listed The Long Walk as one of the 100 best books for teenage readers published between 1966 and 2000.

What happened to the Navajo?

The forced removal of the Navajo, which began in January 1864 and lasted two months, came to be known as the “Long Walk.” According to historic accounts, more than 8,500 men, women, and children were forced to leave their homes in northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico.

What were the consequences of the long walk?

“The consequences of The Long Walk we still live with today,” said Jennifer Denetdale, a historian and a University of New Mexico professor. She said severe poverty, addiction, suicide, crime on the reservation all have their roots in The Long Walk.


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