Is the National Academy of dance in Sydney real?

The National Academy of Dance is a fictional elite dance school located in Sydney Australia.

Was Dance Academy filmed at the Sydney dance Company?

DANCING INTO SYDNEY – Originally slated for production in Victoria, Dance Academy was ultimately set and (partially) shot at the wharves on Sydney’s Darling Harbour. One half of the series, including the dance scenes, was filmed at the ABC’s Artarmon studios in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs.

Who owns Sydney dance?

Sydney Dance Company has been led since 2009 by Spanish-born Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela. Over the past eight years the Company has cemented its reputation as a creative powerhouse, with an acclaimed group of dancers presenting new work by Bonachela and other choreographers, designers, composers and musicians.

Who founded Sydney Dance Company?

2019 was Sydney Dance Company’s 50th anniversary: five decades of defining contemporary dance in Australia. Rising from a schools touring ensemble Ballet in a Nutshell, The Dance Company (NSW) was founded in 1969 by dancer Suzanne Musitz.

How many dancers are in Sydney Dance Company?

The reward of truly moving audiences, and the raw pride of sharing Australian art with the world has driven our ensemble of 16 dancers, led by Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, to become one of the world’s strongest forces in contemporary dance.


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