Is there bass fishing in Australia?

Distribution. Australian Bass are found in fresh and saltwater, in eastern draining rivers from the Mary River in Queensland to the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria.

Does Australia have largemouth bass?

Australian Bass have a limited natural distribution on the south-east side of Australia. While they’ve been introduced to lakes and reservoirs, these are limited to Australian waterways and have not been introduced to waterways outside of Australia.

Why is there no largemouth bass in Australia?

Wild Australian bass stocks have declined seriously since European settlement. Dams and weirs blocking migration of Australian bass both to estuaries and to the upper freshwater reaches of coastal rivers is the most potent cause of decline. Most coastal rivers now have dams and weirs on them.

Is bass native to Australia?

As it’s name implies, the Australian Bass is native to Australia and can be found in the rivers and streams with access to the ocean. Other named bass such as the Largemouth are members of the Centrarchidae family. These are actually members of the sunfish family and not related to the Australian Bass.

Where can you find Australian bass?

Australian bass (Macquaria novemaculeata) are found in south-eastern coastal rivers from the Mary River in southern Queensland to Gippsland Lakes in Victoria. Bass are found in eastern draining rivers and their upper estuaries.

What do Australian bass look like?

The Australian Bass can be recognised by a combination of characters including an evenly arched dorsal profile, a snout that is straight or slightly concave and a forked caudal fin. It has a protruding lower jaw, moderately large eyes and a notch between the spiny first dorsal fin and the soft-rayed second dorsal fin.

What is the biggest Australian bass ever caught?

Australian Nation angler Dan McCoy caught this 9.82-pound Australian bass that was 1.54 pounds heavier than the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world record fish. Pending verification by the IGFA, McCoy’s catch will hold three world records.

Is Australian Bass good eating?

It’s relatively small size is made up for by their aggressive fight as a sport fish species and out of those species suitable for dams, they are arguably the best eating fish. So, Aussie Bass should be a species of choice for most fishing dams.

Can you catch bass in Victoria?

In Victoria, bass is found eastwards from Wilsons Promontory, with small populations in Gippsland. Bass spend most of their time in freshwater rivers and streams. However, each year between May and August, they migrate downstream to spawn in estuaries.

Can Australian Bass live in saltwater?

Australian Bass still prefer the same habitats in estuaries as they seek out in rivers. They can tolerate salinity from freshwater to saltwater where they spawn in estuaries but they’re not a saltwater fish.

What do you use to catch bass in Australia?

  1. Rods: Use a light 6.6-7 foot rod, both spinning or bait casting rods work.
  2. Lines: Line should be 8-12 pounds, Braid is preferred.
  3. Lures:
  4. Bait: well-presented live baits such as yabbies, garden worms, grubs or live insects from the area, work.

How do Australians handle bass?

  1. Always handle native fish with extreme care.
  2. Always support the weight of the fish when taking them from the water.
  3. Never use metal lip grippers on bass (Or any fish in my opinion), they can (and quite often do) tear a large hole in the throat.
  4. Always crush your barbs.

Can you catch Australian Bass in winter?

Australian bass don’t breed in lakes because they need brackish water to spawn. All these fish are hand placed into the lakes as fingerlings, so you can actively target them during winter without the fear of disturbing the breeding cycle.

How do you cook Australian Bass?

Australian BASS – Catch n Cook!

How do you catch Australian Bass in a dam?

Usually very deep water is best fished with soft plastics or lipless crank baits that put out plenty of vibration that bass will pick up on their lateral lines. Long casts towards the wall with a slow lure and a hopping retrieve down the rocks will produce fish as you work your way along the wall.

Do Australian Bass eat worms?

In salt water they feed on various crustaceans including prawns and small crabs, worms and fish. One of Australia’s most truly outstanding freshwater sports fish, bass respond to all methods of angling.

Can Australian Bass live in dams?

Australian bass are the preferred fish for farm dams east of the Great Dividing Range. They should not be stocked into western drainage dams.

How long do Australian Bass take to grow?

Size: Commonly up to 1kg, usually taking 2 years to reach 600-800g. Can grow up to 4+kg. Tolerates temperature from 10°c – 26°c and pH range between 6.5 – 7.8. Considered excellent eating.

Can you eat bass NSW?

The Bass has a back profile that is arched from above the eyes to the tail with only very slight tapering of the snout. They are sought after sport fish with bait, fly and artificial lure. Although considered excellent eating, the majority of fish are returned to the water unharmed.

How do you catch big bass in Australia?

How To Catch Australian Bass Landbased | Welcome To Fishing

Can you catch bass in WA?

Largemouth bass can grow 17-20+ inches in quality populations. Contrary to popular belief, there is little difference in the growth or size of bass between eastern and western Washington.

Where can I catch bass in Brisbane?

Lakes Wivenhoe and Somerset are the tropy bass fisheries of SE Queensland, but there are numerous other bass fishing opportunities within a couple of hours drive of Brisbane. These include smaller impoundments such as Lake Baroon and wild river bass fisheries such as the Maroochy, Noosa and Nerang rivers.


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