Is Traeger or Rec Tec better?

This is perhaps the most notable difference between Traeger and recteq, with different approaches to solid construction being apparent in the premium materials used by either brand. Traeger gets the job done with powder-coated steel exteriors, while recteq is known for using high-quality stainless steel throughout.

Do REC TEC grills smoke?

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How hot does the REC TEC 700 get?

The temperature range on the Rec Tec RT-700 is 200-500°F. The coolest settings might seem a little higher than other pellet smokers that will go as low as say 150°F. But, most users won’t need to smoke lower than the 200°F mark anyway.

How hot does a Rec Tec grill get?

Variable temperature: Rec Tec runs anywhere between the heat of 200-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Wi-Fi Enabled: Download the Rec Tec Grill app on your phone and turn the grill on/off from anywhere. Get your grill geared up right before getting out of the office to come back some delicious seared food!

What is the biggest pellet smoker?

Only for the most serious of grillers, the Traeger XL Pro is the largest residential pellet grill of its kind. Become the king of the barbeque as you cook up to 12 chickens or 16 racks of ribs at once!

How do you use a rec TEC smoker box?

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