Is Unwind appropriate for school?

Book Review – Unwind is written for ages 12 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

Why is Unwind a good book?

I really enjoyed this book. The characters and world in which they live, is very realistic and all of the characters are easy to relate to. There are many questions posed in this book, it deals with tricky subjects such as: life and death, the human soul and religion.

Is Unwind appropriate for kids?

Book Review – This dystopian novel by Neal Shusterman is the first in the “Unwind Dystology” series and is published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Unwind is written for ages 12 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

How many AR points is the Unwind?

ATOS Book Level:5.0
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:14.0
Word Count:95297

What is the book Unwind about?

Unwind is a dystopian thriller by Neal Shusterman that follows three teens on the run from a government that believes “unwinding,” or body harvesting, is an alternate solution to abortions and unwanted teens. Unwinding is also a choice for extremely religious families who want to tithe one of their teens.

How is the book Unwind a dystopian society?

Unwind is a dystopian novel because it takes place in a deeply flawed society where the government controls the fate of its citizens without any kind See full answer below.

How many pages are in Unwind?

Original hardcover edition
AuthorNeal Shusterman
Publication date2007
Media typeHardback, paperback

What is being unwound in unwind?

To some, unwinding became what is considered the substitute for abortion, wherein instead of the abortion of an unborn child, the parents may choose to retroactively abort, in this case ‘unwind’, their child at any age from thirteen to seventeen, previously eighteen.

How does Risa change in unwind?

During a clapper attack on Happy Jack Harvest Camp, Risa was left paralyzed from the waist down and unable to walk. This went on for months until Risa was given an unwound part of a spine that allowed her to walk again.

Who is Tyler in unwind?

Tyler Walker is an unwound boy from Joplin, Missouri whose right temporal lobe was given to Cyrus Finch. His kleptomaniac tendencies were also passed on to CyFi.

What is a clapper in unwind?

Clappers are “young terrorists” whose circulatory systems have been pumped with a chemical close in composition to triglycerides that makes their blood explosive. The chemical’s similarity to triglycerides causes medical examiners to mistake it for being caused by a high-fat diet, instead of an explosive transfusion.

Why is Lev Having a party?

Levi (Lev) Calder is a tithe. As the youngest of 10, his parents had him for the sole purpose of tithing 10% of their children to charity. He is having a party on his 13th birthday to celebrate the culmination of his life’s purpose. His oldest brother Marcus refuses to participate and is disowned by the family.

How many siblings does Lev have in unwind?

Siblings. Lev has five natural siblings: one who was adopted, and three (two boys and one girl) came by stork. Marcus is the oldest and plays a big part in Lev’s life. Lev is the youngest all of his siblings.

Why are the unwinds told to stay out of the open desert?

Q. Why are the Unwinds told to stay out of the open desert? So they do not get heat stroke. So planes and satellites can’t see them.

Who killed the Goldens in unwind?

Along with the other Goldens, they were all murdered, left to suffocate and die in a crate, by the clapper group at the Graveyard: Mai, Blaine, and Cleaver.

Where is Lev being kept?

Lev. Lev is now held in a high-security detention center; he’s been given multiple blood transfusions to flush the explosives from his system.

Who ends up being in Connor’s crate?

Connor is about to be put into a crate with Roland, and he fears that Roland will kill him (and not with kindness), so he punches a kid in the face and gets separated. Connor is crated with different kids—Hayden, someone named Diego, and another called Emby, short for MB, meaning Mouth Breather.

What happens to lev at the end of unwind?

After Roland is unwound, Connor is next. But before the procedure can began, Lev’s little band of chaotic clappers blows up the unwinding chamber…with Connor inside. He miraculously survives and ends up with the ID of a blown-up guard in the process.

What condition is Lev in when he wakes up?

Lev. Lev wakes up from his tranquilizer nap tied to a tree “by thick vines” (1.6. 5).

How much does Lev get for the bracelet at the pawn shop?

By Neal Schusterman – Hmm…that boy and that bracelet look familiar. The boy bargains the man to five-hundred bucks, and when the pawnbroker goes to the safe, the boy knocks him out.

What does Hannah the teacher hear in the science lab?

She passes an open science lab and starts to pull the door closed, but she hears a baby’s muffled cry.

Why is EMBY being unwound?

Unfortunately for Emby, his parents died, and his aunt didn’t have the money to send her own kids and Emby to college, which is why he’s slated to be unwound. Unbeknownst to him, Emby actually received one of Harlan Dunfee’s lungs.

Who is Hayden in unwind?

Hayden Upchurch is an Unwind who went AWOL around the same time as Connor and several others. From the basement of Sonia’s antique shop, they were sent to the Graveyard, where the group stayed for over a year with other AWOLs. Hayden grew to become a loyal friend to Connor.

Who can CyFi see sometimes?

Who can CyFi see sometimes? The Unwind whose brain was transplanted into his skull. His biological mother who storked him.

How does Lev feel about what he sees in Joplin?

How does Lev feel about what he sees in Joplin? Lev is angry at Tyler’s parents and he screams at Tyler’s parents because he doesn’t want to be unwound.

Who is Roland unwind?

Roland Taggart was a boy whom Connor, Risa, Mai, and Hayden met in Sonia’s shop basement. He is troubled, like Connor but obviously a bit more, especially without someone like Risa to control his temper. Roland was unwound, and his right forearm was transplanted onto Connor.

What does umber mean in unwind?

Umber is explained by CyFi as a word invented to describe the African race. The inventor of the word was a mixed-raced artist who got famous for painting people of African ancestry in the Deep South using the color ‘umber’ most. People liked that a whole lot better than “black”, so it just stuck.

How old are the characters in unwind?

Unwinds are children from the ages of thirteen to seventeen (13-17) set to be unwound. As of UnWholly, the age limit was lowered from 18 to 17, resulting in a shortage of unwinds and spare body parts. Parts pirates have since run amok and have began selling unwound body parts at the black market.

What is the Chop Shop in unwind?

Harvest camps, also called unwinding facilities and the Chop Shop among Unwinds, are licensed clinics or facilities in which Unwinds are prepared for a divided state. While each facility has its own particular personality, they are all designed to provide a positive experience for youth designated for unwinding.


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