Is West Coast Swing a slot dance?

West Coast Swing is a slotted dance, which means that the steps of the dance are confined to an imaginary “slot” on the dance floor.

Is the West Coast Swing a spot or slot Dance?

WCS is generally danced in a linear slot, with the follower moving to either end of the slot and the leader remaining in the center. Although the slot can rotate or travel on occasion, WCS is not a circular or progressive dance.

What is Spot or slot dances?

Slot Dance – A spot (or stationary) dance is a dance in which the couple finds a place on the dance floor and stays in that general area throughout the dance. Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Bolero, and Latin Club dances such as Merengue and Bachata are some of the spot dances we teach.

How do I follow someone on West Coast Swing?

Beginner West Coast Swing | Followers Common Mistakes

What’s the difference between East and West Coast Swing?

1. The Components. The East Coast style of Swing is made up of two triple steps and one rock step. The West Coast style of Swing is made up of two walking steps and *two triple steps.

Is Western swing jazz?

The movement was an outgrowth of jazz. The music is an amalgamation of rural, cowboy, polka, old-time, Dixieland jazz, and blues blended with swing; and played by a hot string band often augmented with drums, saxophones, pianos and, notably, the steel guitar.

What do you wear to West Coast Swing dancing?

West Coast Swing dancers are fairly casual – most wear jeans and a nice shirt (t-shirt or dress shirt). We tend to dance in particular dance shoes, but we also dance in sneakers and plimsolls. For now, comfortable shoes with a non-stick or leather sole will do.


How to change the slot in West Coast Swing using a basic whip.

WCS Whip Variation to Change the Slot!

West Coast Swing Dance Moves Changing Slot Length or Width

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