Is Yolanda Elliana real mom?

Does Elliana Walmsley have a dad?

Elliana Walmsley’s father’s name is Mr. Kevin Walmsley who is a businessman by profession and her mother’s name is Mrs. Yolanda Walmsley who is a housewife.

Who is Lilliana ketchman mom?

Lilliana Ketchman was born June 23, 2008, to Stacey and Christopher Ketchman and has an older brother, Caden.

Is Stacey from dance moms a psychologist?

g Stacey Ketchman
Home:Fayetteville, North Carolina
Affiliations:Haymount Institute Cumberland Dance Academy Abby Lee Dance Company (guest)
Friends and Family

What happened to Yolanda Dance Moms?

She has been teaching since 1994. Yolanda is currently working on her Masters in Literacy at the University of Colorado in Boulder with an endorsement in English as a Second Language. As a child Yolanda was involved with dance and competitive figure skating.

How old is Eliana?

15 years (2007)

What happened to elliana on Dance Moms?

Elliana is still dancing and has started acting. She starred in the off-Broadway musical Dance Divas Nutcracker in 2017, and has danced on JoJo Siwa’s tour. She competed on Dancing With The Stars Juniors, and also returned to Dance Moms in season eight to join Abby’s new dance company.

What did elliana Walmsley do?

She was considered to be one of the best dancers on the show at the time and won the Mini Solo Award for her performance on Sing for You. Elliana Walmsley went on to win several championships and later joined the Elite Dance Academy.


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