Can You Use a Crossbow During Archery Season in NY?

Crossbows may be used to take deer during: early antlerless season in mid-September. early and late muzzleloader season in the Northern Zone and late muzzleloader season in the Southern Zone using Bow/Muzz tags, DMPs, DMAP tags, or an unfilled Regular Big Game tag (late season only); Is a crossbow legal in NY? Crossbows may be … Read more

Who Is Better at Archery, Apollo or Artemis?

Apollo is widely considered the strongest Olympian after the big three, all thanks to the wide number of domains he has. Apollo is the God of the Sun, Light, Music, Healing, Bachelors, Prophecies and Archery among other minor domains. These are extremely powerful domains and his control over them is no joke either. How did … Read more

How to Make a Simple Archery Bow?

How do you make a cupid bow and arrow? Can you make your own bow? A good hard wood works great for homemade bows. Red Oak, Maple, Black Walnut, Hickory, Osage Orange, Ipe, Ash, Yew, etc. all work well for bows. Some of those listed are more exotic and harder to find. How do you … Read more

How to Get Archery Endorsement in Texas?

How much is the archery endorsement in Texas? Endorsement Eligibility Fee Archery Hunting Endorsement Texas resident and non-resident $7 Do you need an archery endorsement in Texas? An archery endorsement is required to hunt deer, turkey and/or javelina at any time in Collin, Dallas, Grayson, and Rockwall counties, including during the general open season. How … Read more

Where Can We Do Archery?

How much does archery cost? What it costs to practice archery depends on several factors, but for beginners, archery can generally cost between $150 to $500 to start. After the initial costs, you could expect to spend between $10 to $60 a month from recurring costs depending on how often you practice. Can you do … Read more

Can You Practice Archery at Home in the UK?

Do I need a licence for a bow and arrow in UK? Bow and arrow licensing. Bows are not licensed in England and Wales and there is no age limit for owning, keeping or buying a bow. Anyone can buy a bow in a shop or online with no lawful obstruction. The seller may have … Read more

What is an Archery Range?

“Archery range” refers to a space designed for shooting bows and arrows. Ranges can be found at clubs, retail shops or even park facilities. Can I use a crossbow at an archery range? Therefore, crossbows shouldn’t be used on beginner ranges, except for programs using crossbows with less than 30-pound draw weights. Planning and budgeting … Read more

What Is Flight Shooting Archery?

flight shooting, in archery, a form of competition in which shooting for maximum distance is the object, with little or no regard for accuracy. Bows used may be heavy-draw, conventional handbows or even heavier foot bows, which are strapped to the feet and drawn with both hands while the archer lies on the ground. What … Read more