Should I fill a large planter with soil?

You don’t need to fill a large planter with soil (unless you want to and can afford it). There are plenty of other materials you can use that work well and ensure the potted plant or tree continues to grow and thrive.

Do you fill large planters with soil?

Moving tall planters from outside to inside as the weather changes is a dream. A large planter, on the other hand, requires a large amount of potting soil to fill it.

What do you put at the bottom of a planter for drainage?

Adding a layer of gravel or rocks to the bottom of a pot may actually reduce drainage rather than promote it. As Willis explains, water doesn’t move easily from one media layer to another, even from a fine-textured material like potting mix to a denser material like gravel or rocks.

What do you fill a large planter box with?

You can add either lightweight or heavy pot fillers into the bottom of your pot. If you choose to use lightweight fillers, but are concerned about the container tipping over, it is wise to add a heavy rock or a brick on the bottom first. Then add lightweight fillers on top.

How do you fill a large garden planter?

How to Plant in Large Containers Using Less Potting Soil

How full should you fill a planter box?

Planter Box Basics – Fill the planter box to about 1 inch below its rim. The extra 1 inch allows space for watering. If you plan to change the planter box’s plant arrangement for the seasons, then you can simply place potted annuals in the planter box and cover their pots’ edges with potting soil.

How do you fill large wooden planters?

  1. Broken glass bottles. Broken glass is excellent for keeping the drainage holes of your planter open.
  2. Styrofoam peanuts. Credit: Shutterstock.
  3. Broken ceramic.
  4. Gravel.
  5. Small rocks.
  6. Wood chips.
  7. Old containers.
  8. Tiles.

How do you fill raised planter boxes?

The first option for filling your beds is a simple soil mixture. As you may have guessed, this is the simplest route you can take. Fill your bed with a 1:1 mixture of topsoil and compost mix, then lightly combine with a rake or shovel.


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