What are 2 types of literature used by Puritans?

Literature. Puritans placed a high value upon personal Bible study and consequently highly valued literacy. They produced a significant collection of literature themselves in three main genres: sermons, diaries, and poetry.

What type of literature did the Puritans write?

Puritan literature also relied on specific genres. Taking into account the first-person narrative and religious focus, most Puritan literature took the form of a sermon, poem, letter, or historical narrative.

What is Puritan age literature?

Literature of the Puritan Age: – Literature of the Puritan Age was Characterised by a spirit of sombreness and pensiveness. In keeping with the religious ideals and political standards of the Puritans; religious verse, theological tracts and political treatises replaced romantic poetry.

What is Puritanism in English literature?

(pjʊərɪtənɪzəm ) uncountable noun. Puritanism is behaviour or beliefs that are based on strict moral or religious principles, especially the principle that people should avoid physical pleasures. [disapproval] the tight-lipped puritanism of the Scottish literary world.

What is revolutionary literature?

A Literary Revolution examines significant issues that are generally overlooked or that have not yet been fully explored through the analyses of selected subjects and innovative creative writing.

What were two forms of Puritan writing?

  • 1 Church Sermon Style. Many Puritan writings of the 17th and 18th century were transcripts of sermons, and those that weren’t were written in a style very similar to that of a preacher giving a sermon.
  • 2 Purposiveness.
  • 3 Plain Prose Style.
  • 4 Focus on History.

What are the three main types of Puritan literature?

  • Sermons.
  • Historical narrative.
  • Poetry.

What were the major themes in colonial and Puritan literature quizlet?

  • Basic Puritan beliefs (TULIP) (1) Total depravity (2) Unconditional election (3) Limited Atonement (4) Irresistible grace (5) Perseverance of the “saints”
  • Total depravity.
  • Unconditional election.
  • Limited atonement.
  • Irresistible grace.
  • Grace.
  • Perseverance of the saints.
  • The Function of Puritan Writers.

What are two ways in which the Puritans valued simplicity?

Lastly, the Puritans valued simplicity by living a simple life. Church on Sundays and Working hard every other day of the week.

How do Puritans relate to the Crucible?

The CrucibleSalem is a Puritan community, and its inhabitants live in an extremely restrictive society. Although the Puritans left England to avoid religious persecution, they established a society in America founded upon religious intolerance.

Why did Puritans write diaries?

The Puritans used personal diaries to record the ways in which God was present in their lives and their personal struggles carrying out His purposes. Some Puritans wrote from those personal records to provide accounts of events, with an emphasis on God’s intervention in human affairs.

What were the three core beliefs of Puritan culture?

Basic Puritan beliefs are summarized by the acronym T.U.L.I.P.: Total depravity, Unconditional election, Limited atonement, Irresistible grace and Perseverance of the saints.

Why is it important that every Puritan be able to read and write?

In the view of the Puritans, the Bible was central to Christian education. They desired education and enlightenment for everyone, especially the common people. They wanted people to be able to read and understand the Bible for themselves. Reading of the Bible was necessary to living a pious life.

What is the effect of Puritanism in American literature?

II. – [ii] The puritans made three lasting contributions to American literature. “Firstly they invested American with a mythology of its own,'[iii] and the second was inextricably bound up with the first one, and it refers to the corporate ideal through which they resolve ambiguities of their—universalistic venture.

What type of writing style did Puritans favor?

Puritan writers largely favored the “plain style” of writing, which strives to use simple sentences and common language.


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