What are Bob Ross’s 8 colors?

8 Colors in 37 ml tubes of: Cadmium Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Titanium White, Sap Green, Van Dyke Brown, Alizarin Crimson, Midnight Black, and Bright Red.

How many Bob Ross colors are there?

Bob Ross always used the same 13 paints, with decidedly un-Crayolan names like Alizarin Crimson and Pthalo Blue, loading his palette in the same arrangement each time, as you see in the photo above.

What did Bob Ross call white paint?

The idea that a thin paint will stick to a thick paint is the basis for this entire technique. Bob Ross’s mentor, Bill Alexander, used a similar wet-on-wet technique using “magic white” as a base, or sometimes called “fluid white”. It seems entirely possible to make your own.

How many paint brushes did Bob Ross have?

Bob uses the same four brushes for the majority of his paintings: a 2-inch flat brush, a 1-inch flat brush, a fan brush, and a palette knife. All of these brushes can be found at craft stores for a much lower price than the one offered through his official website.

Does Bob Ross always use oil paint?

In ‘The Joy of Painting’ Bob Ross uses rather thick oil paints. Please be careful not to get acrylic based paints, as these will not work for Bob’s wet-on-wet-technique.

Is Liquid White the same as gesso?

Liquid white is not the same thing as gesso! Gesso has an acrylic base, so you don’t want to mix your oil paints into that. Gesso needs to be completely dry before adding any sort of oil paint or medium on top.

How much paint does Bob Ross use?

If I understand the thread linked to above, a full tubes-worth of paint is consumed every 2-3 paintings. That is, about 12-18 ml of oil paint on the canvas or down the drain (currently my palette is underwater — such a cheapskate that I’m attempting to save my paint for the next painting).

What type of colors does Bob Ross use?

What Kind of paint does Bob Ross use on his Show? For his show “The Joy of Painting” Bob Ross uses oil paints for his wet-on-wet technique. Bob Ross uses Liquid White which is also uses for his wet-on-wet-technique. It is used to base coat on top of the canvas first then you point on it with your oil colors.

What style of painting is Bob Ross?

What is Bob Ross Painting Technique — Wet on Wet? Bob Ross made use of the wet on wet method in oil painting, also referred to as the ‘alla prima’. Here, you do not wait for your paints to dry in the interim. As its name implies, you apply paint layers on top of one another, which enables them to mix and blend.

What does Bob Ross call his colors?

Color NameHexcode
Alizarin Crimson#4E1500
Bright Red#DB0000
Cadium Yellow Hue#FFEC00
Dark Sienna#5F2E1F

What are Bob Ross brushes made of?

The Bob Ross round foliage brushes have an easy to hold round wood handle and a 1″ or 1/2″ diameter bristle. They are made for painting trees, foothills and scenery. Made out of natural hog hair.

What paint brushes did Bob Ross use?

Filbert Brush – Bristle hair brush with platted ferrule with long white wood handle. Great for rocks, stones, highlights, and more! Landscape Brush – Made of natural hog hair bristles, with easy to hold long paddle handle and long flat hair. Oval Brush – Pure white bristle hair in an oval shape.

What color was Bob Ross blue?

Darker than Phthalo Blue, Prussian Blue is often found in the skies of Bob’s winter scenes. Prussian Blue is also used to darken the corners of an otherwise Phthalo Blue sky.


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