What are songs like the cha cha slide?

What songs can you do the cha cha to?

  • “Ay Morena” by Miami Latin.
  • “Chilly Cha Cha” by Jessica Jay.
  • “Dimelo” by Marc Anthony (Spanish Version)
  • “El Diablo Anda Suelto” by Rey Ruiz.
  • “Like a Bomb” by Filly Bee (Cha-cha Version)
  • “Oye Como Va” by Celia Cruz.
  • “Quiereme Na’Ma” by La 33.
  • “Rie y Llora” by Celia Cruz.

Is smooth a cha-cha?

Cha Cha Real Smooth
StarringDakota Johnson Cooper Raiff Raúl Castillo Odeya Rush Evan Assante Vanessa Burghardt Brad Garrett Leslie Mann

What is the basic rhythm of the dance cha-cha-cha?

The rhythmic step pattern for cha-cha combines a break step (two weight changes in two counts to execute a change of direction that propels the body in a new direction on each step) with a triple step (three weight changes in two counts) that is executed twice for a total of eight counts.

When dancing the cha-cha There are two distinct styles being performed what are the 2?

When dancing the Cha Cha there are two distinct styles being performed, International and American Rhythm.

How do you count cha-cha beat?

How to Count Cha Cha Dance Steps – Counting Cha Cha Beats

What is the official musical genre and dance in Cuba?

Danzón is the official music and dance of Cuba and dates back to the late 1800s. Danzón isn’t just an important root of music and dance in Cuban culture – it’s an important basis for world music in general.

When did cha-cha gain popularity?

The History of The Cha-Cha. First introduced to the United States in 1954, the popular dance was at one time referred to as Cha Cha Cha. By 1959, the dance movement gained so much popularity that it eventually replaced the Mambo as the most popular dance.

What other songs can you do the Electric Slide to?

1985Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On107
1987Little Sister139
1990Put Some Drive in Your Country108

How do you do the git up?

“THE GIT UP” DANCE – Blanco Brown


Cupid Shuffle (Music Video)

Cha cha slide dance

Cha Cha Slide Part 2

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