What are the 4 different styles of the salsa?

  • Colombian Style. The Columbian style of salsa is danced to a slightly different type of salsa music called “Cumbia”, which is characterized by longer pauses between the first three and last three beats.
  • Cuban Style.
  • Miami Style.
  • LA Style (Dancing on 1)
  • New York Style (Dancing on 2)

What are some of the different type or styles of salsa?

  • Colombian Style Salsa (Cumbia)
  • Cuban Style Salsa.
  • Miami Style Salsa (Classico Cubano, Casino)
  • Casino Rueda Style Salsa (Rueda de Casino, Salsa Rueda)
  • New York Style Salsa (Dancing “On 2”, Mambo Salsa, Eddie Torres Style)
  • Puerto Rican Style Salsa.
  • Salsa Shines.
  • Salsa Styling.

What is the difference between Cuban and cross body salsa?

While the Cali is a form of Salsa, the two most common forms of Salsa performed today is Cuban Salsa and Cross Body. Cross Body is that where Cuban is danced in circular motions, Cross Body is danced on linear movements, i.e. dance in a line.

What’s the best salsa?

  • Chi-Chi’s Medium Thick & Chunky Salsa.
  • Pineapple Medium Salsa.
  • On The Border Original Medium Salsa.
  • Tostitos Mild Chunky Salsa.
  • Desert Pepper Salsa.
  • Frontera Red Tomato Salsa Mexicana Medium.
  • Pace The Original Mild Picante Sauce.
  • Green Mountain Gringo Salsa.

What is thin salsa called?

Salsa fresca (FRES-kah)-literally, “fresh sauce,” referring to the uncooked ingredients. Salsa fresca is what Americans typically refer to as salsa, with the main ingredient of tomatoes, chiles and onions. Salsa rojo (Ro-jo)-literally, “red sauce.” The red color comes from a base of tomatoes.

What is normal salsa?

The typical salsa verde ingredients include peppers, onions, and cilantro. Jalapeño Salsa Verde. Tangy with a very eatable heat.


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