What are the 5 styles of negotiation?

Negotiators have a tendency to negotiate from one of five styles: competing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, or collaborative.

What are the 4 types of negotiations?

Some of the most common are distributive negotiation, integrative negotiation, team negotiation, and multiparty negotiation.

What are the 2 types of negotiations?

The two distinctive negotiation types are distributive negotiations and integrative negotiations.

What are the 3 phases of negotiation?

The negotiation process can be organized into three phases: planning, negotia- tion, and postnegotiation.

What is the 5 step negotiation process?

Definition of ground rules. Clarification and justification. Bargaining and problem-solving. Closure and implementation.

What is the key to negotiation?

The key to successful negotiation is truly understanding the other party’s wants, needs and motivations. You can only do this by listening and drawing out information from what they tell you. The adage that 2/3rds should be spent listening and the other 1/3 speaking is a good one to follow.

What qualities make a good negotiator?

  • preparation and planning skill.
  • knowledge of the subject matter being negotiated.
  • ability to think clearly and rapidly under pressure and uncertainty.
  • ability to express thoughts verbally.
  • listening skill.
  • judgment and general intelligence.
  • integrity.
  • ability to persuade others.

What BATNA means?

A BATNA, or Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement, represents the best option to one party in a negotiation if the talks fail. A strong BATNA means that that party has a reasonably attractive alternative to negotiation; if they fail to reach agreement, they can implement the BATNA with minimal disruption.

What is Triangle talk in negotiation?

The term “Triangle Talk” comes from the three steps that Anderson recommends for any negotiating situation: Know exactly what you want. Find out what the other side wants and make them feel heard. Propose action in a way they can accept.


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