What are the 6 dance conventions?

  • Dress to Flatter. Yes, it is important to stand out, but convention attire has become so over the top trendy, that the art of classic, flattering apparel is almost a rarity.
  • Physically Perform, Mentally Engage.
  • Be Prepared.
  • Remove Yourself from Distraction.
  • Focus.
  • Be Respectful & Kind.

What are the conventions of dance?

A dance convention is typically a group of workshop classes that are taught by one or multiple teachers over a number of days. These workshops can be very specialized (such as an advanced ballet convention,) or be a mix of many dance styles and skill levels.

What is the purpose of a dance convention?

Conventions help build confidence on and off the dance floor. While at convention take the opportunity and throw yourself into the front of the room and dance your heart out. Teachers take notice of dancers who put themselves out there and push themselves throughout the class.

What does dancing in unison mean?

Unison. Two or more dancers performing the same movement at the same time.

Who owns JUMP Dance Convention?

The person responsible for creating the JUMP Dance Convention is dancer and business entrepreneur Gil Stroming. He began performing at 12 years old and was cast as the Nutcracker Prince, touring Russia with the Kirov Student Ballet Company.

How do you plan a dance showcase?

  1. Come up with a show-stopping idea.
  2. Choosing a dance performance venue.
  3. Hosting dance auditions.
  4. Design your production elements.
  5. Promoting your dance show.
  6. Rehearse and refine.
  7. Setting up the venue for your dance performance.

What are the 12 ballroom dances that are popular on dance floors on stages in film and on television?

  • of 12. Cha-Cha. Ailura / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.
  • of 12. Foxtrot. Sheridan Libraries/Levy/Gado/Getty Images.
  • of 12. Jive. CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images.
  • of 12. Lindy Hop. Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images.
  • of 12. Mambo. I.C. Rapoport/Getty Images.
  • of 12. Pasodoble.
  • of 12. Quickstep.
  • of 12. Rumba.


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