What are the dance words?

What is the basic dance terms?

Emphasizes seven basic movements in dance: Plier (to bend), Étendre (to stretch), Relever (to rise), Glisser (to slide or glide), Sauter (to jump), Élancer (to dart), Tourner (to turn).

What is a leap in dance called?

A leap is a jeté, which is a jump from one foot to the other in which the working leg is brushed into the air and appears to have been thrown (there is a wide variety of jetés—like grand and petit—and they can be performed in all directions).

What are the terms in hip-hop dance?

  • Breakdancing/ B-Boys/ B-Girls. Breakdancing is the visual expression of hip-hop, and was spontaneously created and developed in the exact same cultural landscape: New York in the late 1970’s.
  • Fundamentals.
  • 8 Count.
  • Breaks.
  • Street Dance.
  • Popping.
  • Locking.
  • Freestyle.

What is the example of dance term?

Ballon: A ballet dancer’s ease of jumping. Ballon essentially describes a dancer’s ability to remain suspended in the air during a jump. Ballroom dance: Social dances performed by a couple. In ballroom dancing, couples use step-patterns and move rhythmically to express the characteristics of the music.

What is point dance term?

Point – A position on the tip of the toes. Demi-point: a position on the balls of the feet. Pointe – The tip of the toe.

What dance starts with the letter C?

Conga – An African-Cuban dance characterized by the extreme violence of accents on the strong beats in 2/4 time. The Conga beat thus used has a rhythmic anticipation of the second beat in every other measure. The Conga was very popular in the late thirties.

What are the common dance terms in ballroom dance?

  • If this is the look you give your instructor when they throw out a fancy ballroom term, then this post is for you!
  • Closed position.
  • Promenade position.
  • Shadow position.
  • Outside partner position.
  • Open position.
  • First position.
  • Second position.


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