What are the disadvantages of kitchen garden?

  • Kitchen Gardening Consumes a Lot of Time.
  • Kitchen Gardening requires money.
  • It Takes Up ‘S P A C E’
  • Presence of Several Insects and Worms.
  • Kitchen Gardening Leads to Physical Injuries.

What are the disadvantages of kitchen gardening?

  • Kitchen Gardening Consumes a Lot of Time.
  • Kitchen Gardening requires money.
  • It Takes Up ‘S P A C E’
  • Presence of Several Insects and Worms.
  • Kitchen Gardening Leads to Physical Injuries.

What are the advantages of kitchen garden?

  • You get fresh herbs whenever you want.
  • You know exactly what you’re putting in your food.
  • It works out cheaper.
  • You become a lot healthier.
  • You get a calming dose of nature.
  • Plants repel mosquitoes.
  • There’s an unbelievable sense of accomplishment involved.

What is kitchen garden and its advantages?

The Kitchen Garden is a Place where you can develop Herbs and Vegetables. A Kitchen garden ensures an inexpensive, regular, and handy delivery of fresh vegetables, which are basic to nutrition. Green color vegetables contain vitamins and minerals, which protect us against diseases.

What are the disadvantages of terrace gardening?

  • The terrace has to be properly waterproofed before setting up the terrace garden or else there may be leaks in the roof.
  • If there is no proper slope provided in the terrace the water may be stagnant in between the plants during rains.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of planting trees?

  • Pro: They Become Part of the Ecosystem.
  • Con: The Roots Grow.
  • Con: They Attract Pests.
  • Con: They Grow Slowly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen garden?

Successful utilization of kitchen wastewater and kitchen waste materials. To grow healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables yourself. To save the cost of buying vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Waste resources such as sweepings, kitchen scraps, and dirty water can be recycled onto the kitchen garden.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic gardening?

  • The Advantages of Organic Gardening.
  • Healthier Produce. Environmentally Friendly Practice. Disease-Resistant Plants. Retain Soil Health. Affordability.
  • The Disadvantages of Organic Gardening.
  • It Takes More Work. Expensive Produce. Frequent Soil Amendments.

What is your opinion about kitchen garden?

Kitchen gardening is something all of us can do to make our cities greener. It’s a garden where you grow your own food— herbs, vegetables, fruits. What’s more, it gives city dwellers a chance to produce their own food—fresher, healthier—and learn in the process about local varieties.

What is a kitchen garden answer?

Definition of kitchen garden – : a garden in which plants (such as vegetables or herbs) for use in the kitchen are cultivated.

What are the advantages of having a vegetable garden in your home?

  • Improve your health. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy.
  • Save money on groceries.
  • Get outdoor exercise.
  • Gardening is a natural stress reliever.

What is the disadvantage of garden?

Gardening requires physical exertion, including lots of bending, stooping, digging and carrying. The repeated gardening actions put strain on your back and joints like your knees. If you already have problems with pain or limited mobility, taking care of your garden can worsen those symptoms.

What’s the advantages and disadvantages?

As nouns, the difference between disadvantage and advantage is that disadvantage is a weakness or undesirable characteristic; a con while the advantage is any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success, or any desired end.

What are the disadvantages of community gardens?

Personality clashes are among the problems with community gardens. When people work closely together there are bound to be differences of opinion, jealousy, and other negative effects. Small conflicts can be exacerbated by cultural differences.

What are the advantages disadvantages of cooking?

food first proper cooking makes food more tasty second cooking also makes food softer tender and easy to digest. you can make a list of foods which have to be cooked. and made soft before eating. third some food items may contain germs cooking kills these germs and makes them harmless.

What are the challenges of gardening?

  • 9 Gardening Challenges & Solutions You Might Face in 2021.
  • 1) Planting Too Early.
  • 2) Proper Plant Spacing.
  • 3) Buying Too Many Plants.
  • 4) Managing the Weeds Before They Take Over.
  • 5) Protecting Your Plants from Pests.
  • 6) Identifying and Treating Plant Diseases.

How does gardening affect the environment?

Plants act as highly effective air cleaners, absorbing carbon dioxide, plus many air pollutants, while releasing clean oxygen and fragrance. Also, a dense cover of plants and mulch holds soil in place, reducing erosion and keeping sediment out of streams, storm drains and roads.

Why is gardening difficult?

Many parts of gardening are physically strenuous. Some common examples include hauling mulch, digging, pulling large weeds, and raking. Other parts require very little physical work at all. These tasks include pruning, seeding, watering, and fertilizing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of planting forests?

Reforestation ProsReforestation Cons
Planting trees is a fun activityMaintenance of forests is costly
Air quality improvementLocal poverty may increase
Restoration of natural habitatsLess space for important infrastructure

What are advantages and disadvantages of Travelling?

Most journeys last very long, and it can make us feel tired. To sum up, travelling is a very good way of spending time. It can educate, give impressions, nice memories and let make friends. However, in my opinion travelling in spite of its whole advantages, it should not be the only way to learn about the world.

What are the disadvantages of Travelling?

  • Table of Contents.
  • Traveling abroad can be very expensive.
  • Unexpected costs and emergencies.
  • Related Articles.
  • Language Barrier.
  • Cultural Shock and Adaptation to foreign customs.
  • You are on your own in a foreign remote country.
  • Having Long Flights.

Is gardening safe?

Gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable form of exercise, but it can pose health risks. If you’re careful, you can enjoy the benefits of your garden in good health. Ignoring safety precautions and using the wrong tool for the job are common causes of gardening injuries.

What are the disadvantages of watching TV?

  • Overstimulated Brains.
  • Television Can Make Us Antisocial.
  • Televisions Can be Expensive.
  • Shows can be Full of Violence and Graphic Images.
  • TV Can Make You Feel Inadequate.
  • Adverts Can Manipulate Us Into Spending Money.
  • TV Can Waste Our Time.

What is the importance of a garden?

Gardening makes good use of space and protects the soil – Plus, when we cover the soil with beneficial cover crops, erosion is reduced and regular bush growth around the house is minimised.

What are the disadvantages of reading books?

  • Consume Time. Oh man, I wish I could fix this.
  • Require Will Power. It isn’t really a downside of reading books.
  • Burn Money Fast.
  • Eat Up Storage.
  • People Call You A Nerd.
  • Weaken Your Eyesight.

What are the advantages of organic gardening?

Organic gardening helps to prevent a loss of topsoil, toxic runoff, water pollution, soil contamination, soil poisoning, death of insects, birds, critters and other beneficial soil organisms, as well as eliminating pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide residues on food from synthetic fertilizers.


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