What are the levels of jazz dance?

Jazz Level 1 – Must be ages 6+, Beginner Level. Jazz Level 2 – Must be ages 8+ with 1-3 years experience. Intermediate Level. Jazz Level 3 – Must be ages 10+ with 3-5 years experience.

What are the 4 levels of dance?

  • Unconsciously Unskilled. What it feels like: Who knew dance was such a breeze, right?
  • Consciously Unskilled. What it feels like: CRASH.
  • Unconsciously Skilled. What it feels like: You still feel like a total beginner, but something is different.
  • Consciously Skilled.

What is leveling in dance?

Level – the vertical distance from the floor (high, medium or low) Direction – forward, backwards, up, down, diagonal. Pathways – patterns we make as we move across the floor: straight, curved. TIME – the relationship of one movement to another. Rhythm – a pattern of beats.

What is pattern in dance?

Dance patterns may be described according to combinations of quick and slow steps and often by the rhythm or meter of the music, for example waltz steps (three-count step patterns danced to waltz music), swing steps (four-count patterns danced to swing music), polka steps (four-count patterns danced to polka music),

What is the classification of jazz dance?

Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Jazz also has its own movement vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms.

How many types of jazz are there?

Jazz has around 40 subgenres. It has three broad categories of subgenres — Early Jazz, Modern Jazz and Jazz Related. Each of these eras got a list of sub-genres and all of them together the number is around 40, including Bop, Swing, Vocal Jazz, Cool Jazz, World Fusion, Latin Jazz, and Funk.

What are the six styles of jazz?



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