What are the Macarena dance moves?

How to do the Macarena – Pop’s Greatest Dance Craze

What are the movements to Macarena?

Bring your right hand to your left hip and your left hand to your right hip. Then, uncross your arms by putting your right hand on your right hip and your left hand to your left hip. Lastly, move your hips in a circle 3 times before jumping and turning your body 90 degrees to the left.

What are the main elements of the Macarena dance?

  • The dancer puts their right arm forward, palm down.
  • The dancer puts their left arm forward, palm down.
  • Turn arms over, palms are up, one at a time, first right, then left.
  • Dancer’s right hand goes to left shoulder, holds.

How do you dance the Macarena?

How To Dance The Macarena – YouTube

What is the fifth step of Macarena?

Step 5: Head Touches.

Where did the Macarena dance come from?

1. Macarena was originally a Spanish dance song by Los del Ro (version vary about when the song was originally released) about a woman of the same name. The story goes that the group was invited to tour South America in March 1992 and during their stay, was invited to a private party.

When did the Macarena come out?



Macarena: A step by step dance guide

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How To Dance The Macarena

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