What are the vampires in Blindsight?

For those that don’t know Blindsight is a hard sf novel where vampires were a resurrected subspecies of homo sapiens that went extinct after this neurological phenomenon known as the “crucifix glitch” wiped them out. Highly recommend the book to anyone that hasn’t read it.

Is Echopraxia a sequel to blindsight?

Echopraxia is a sequel to Watts’ previous novel Blindsight published in 2006. Both books are set in the late twenty-first century. Blindsight tells the story of a disastrous encounter with aliens from another star system.

What is Echo Praxia?

Definition. Echopraxia refers to a pathological automatic imitative response, or desire to mimic other’s behaviors. Echopraxia occurs in a semi-automatic manner and is independent of patient insight.

What is an example of echopraxia?

Echopraxia is sometimes a symptom of autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, catatonia, and Tourette’s syndrome. For example, when observing a person near them touch their nose a person with echopraxia may involuntarily begin to touch their nose.

What causes Echopraxia?

Other Causes of Echopraxia – Those with head injuries, tumors, or epilepsy can also experience echopraxia. The tic has been known to occur during brief periods of extreme anxiety, especially in people with echopraxia-causing conditions, who may be more likely to exhibit echopraxia during periods of stress.

What does Blindsight reveal about unconsciousness?

Blindsight is a phenomenon that shows that even when the primary visual cortex is damaged or removed a person can still perform actions guided by unconscious visual information.

What is Echopraxia in schizophrenia?

Echopraxia: The involuntary imitation of the movements of another person. Echopraxia is a feature of schizophrenia (especially the catatonic form), Tourette syndrome, and some other neurologic diseases.

What is the Icarus array blindsight?

Icarus Array: The facility producing the antimatter stream used by Theseus; it uses the Sun itself as its energy source. Kaddish: A hymn of praises to God found in the Jewish prayer service.

What is the crucifix glitch?

Another deleterious cascade effect was the so-called “Crucifix Glitch”— a cross-wiring of normally-distinct receptor arrays in the visual cortex10, resulting in grand mal-like feedback siezures whenever the arrays processing vertical and horizontal stimuli fired simultaneously across a sufficiently large arc of the

What is a synthesist blindsight?

Siri is a “Synthesist,” a “jargonaut,” whose job it is to observe the patterns of highly specialized information, without interfering, and to package that information into an accessible format for the “baselines” back on Earth, mission control.

What happens if a vampire enters uninvited?

The barrier only holds for as long as the vampire remains uninvited, the owner(s) remain alive, and the dwelling remains standing.

Why can’t vampires go in the sun?

The traditional vampire, for example, would appear to be a normal person by day, and then turn into a vampire by night, effectively making them immune to sunlight. In Bram Stoker’s original Dracula novel, Count Dracula himself was not killed by sunlight, but rather, he is simply less powerful during the day.

Can vampires open doors?

This answer by Philipp suggests a world where doors are operated electronically, and vampires don’t trigger the sensors to open the doors the same way that humans do. The only way to get through the door is for someone else to open it for them (essentially “inviting” them in).

Why can’t vampires come in without being invited?

With the purpose to defend against the undead, the living kept the vampires away by banning them entry into their homes. Literally, it’s like saying: I invite my own death to my home. Entry to homes: Vampires cannot enter private human homes unless they are invited in by the owner of the house.

How are vampires made?

In most cases, vampires are revenants of evil beings, suicide victims, or witches, but they can also be created by a malevolent spirit possessing a corpse or by being bitten by a vampire.

How do vampires drink blood?

We all know the general characteristics of a vampire. The main one is their urge to drink human blood. A vampire uses its sharp fangs and drains the blood of a person. The person dies and turns into a vampire.

How do you act like a vampire?

How To Behave Like A Vampire

How do people get blindsight?

Blindsight is a phenomenon in which patients with damage in the primary visual cortex of the brain can tell where an object is although they claim they cannot see it. Scientists now provide compelling evidence that blindsight occurs because visual information is conveyed bypassing the primary visual cortex.


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