What band sang the song Venus?

What band did the song Venus?

“Venus” is a song by Dutch rock band Shocking Blue, initially released as a single in the Netherlands in the summer of 1969. Written by Robbie van Leeuwen, the song topped the charts in nine countries.

Who is the guy in beauty school dropout?

Frankie Avalon
OccupationSinger, actor
Years active1951–present
Spouse(s)Kathryn Diebel ​ ( m. 1963)​

What happened to the band Shocking Blue?

The band sold 13.5 million records by 1973 but disbanded in 1974. Together with Golden Earring they are considered as the most successful Nederbeat-band, as far as the criterium is scoring hits abroad and especially in the United States.

Who sang the original Venus by Bananarama?

Mariska Veres, singer for the Dutch group Shocking Blue who had a worldwide hit with their song Venus in 1970, has died aged 59, Dutch media report. Veres died from cancer.

Did Bananarama steal Venus?

Bananarama’s version of “Venus” isn’t that different from the Shocking Blue original. It’s got the egregiously stolen guitar riff, the maddeningly insistent melody, and the lyrics that were clearly written by someone who does not speak English as a first language.

Did Mariska Veres speak English?

Originally, vocalist Mariska Veres could not speak English and was singing phonetically; this was the reason for her occasional stumble over the lyrics, such as the opening line of their 1970 hit song “Venus”: “God-ness on a mountaintop . . .”.

Where are Bananarama now?

The band fully reunited in 2017 and they performed a sell-out tour all over the country, however their final dates as a trip were August 2018. Woodward and Dallin made a new album in 2019, while Fahey revived Shakespears Sister with Detroit and performing throughout 2019.

Who left Bananarama?

Fahey left the group in 1988 and formed Shakespears Sister, best known for the UK number one “Stay” (1992). She was replaced by Jacquie O’Sullivan. This line-up had UK top-five hits with “I Want You Back”, (1988) and a cover of The Beatles’ “Help!”

How many number ones did Bananarama?

Two Band Aid appearances, an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful female band worldwide with the most charting singles, many of which were international hits, four hitting the US Billboard Top 10 including a No. 1 with Venus. To date the duo have had 30 Top hits.

When did the song Venus come out?


How was Venus named?

Venus, the third brightest object after the Sun and Moon, was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

Was Mariska married?

Veres had a long-term relationship with guitarist André van Geldorp, but never married or had children.

How do you play Venus by Frankie Avalon?

How to play “Venus” by Frankie Avalon on acoustic guitar – YouTube

What year did Frankie Avalon record Venus?


Is Frankie Avalon still performing?

10/28/2022Melbourne, FLKing Center for the Performing Arts


Venus 5 – “Because Of You” – Official Music Video

“Venus” Official Music Video

Shocking Blue – Venus (Live Interview) 1969

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