What bands are considered alternative music?

Alternative bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Beck, and Nine Inch Nails cracked pop charts early in their existence. Some were signed to major labels, making alternative rock inherently more mainstream than indie rock bands on independent record labels.

What artists are considered alternative music?

  • R.E.M.
  • Nirvana.
  • Radiohead.
  • Talking Heads.
  • The Cure.
  • Sonic Youth.
  • Pearl Jam.
  • U2.

How do you know if songs are alternative?

Though Rock and Alternative music genre gives out good rhythm, the former one has a stronger rhythm. Other characteristics of Rock include guitar riffs, singable melodies and simple accompaniment. The sounds in alternative music ranges from the gloomy sounds of the gothic rock to the dirty guitars of the grunge.

What category is alternative music?

Alternative rock (also known as alternative music, alt-rock, or simply alternative) is a category of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1970s and became widely popular in the 1990s. “Alternative” refers to the genre’s distinction from mainstream or commercial rock or pop music.

Why is it called alternative music?

The name “alternative” was coined in the 1980s to describe punk rock-inspired bands on independent record labels that didn’t fit into the mainstream genres of the time.

Is grunge an alternative?

Grunge music was a subgenre of hard rock and alternative music that rose to worldwide popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Grunge was born out of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, notably Seattle, Washington.


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