What can grow with leaf lettuce?

If your goal is to grow leaf lettuce throughout the summer, choose heat tolerant varieties. Also, interplant lettuce with tall summer crops like peppers, corn, and tomatoes, to provide extra shade. Watering adequately is especially important for a productive crop.

What grows well with leaf lettuce?

Good Lettuce Companion Plants – Depending on the season, great companions to grow with lettuce include root crops like radish, carrot, parsnips, or beets. Taller varieties of flowers or vegetables are great options, as well as aromatic herbs and alliums.

Can I plant lettuce and basil together?

Plants such as basil are good when planted together with different garden crops. They improve the flavour of tomatoes and lettuce and repel bugs such as mosquitoes.

Can you plant lettuce with tomatoes?

Lettuce is a great companion because it’s a good use of space. You can fill in the space between tomato plants with lettuce, and the tomato plants can help shade the lettuce from the hot summer sun. Onion, garlic and other alliums.

Can you plant lettuce and cucumbers together?

Lettuce, as a companion plant is good next to strawberries, radishes, carrots, and you guessed it, cucumbers. Again, for no special reasons, other than the fact that they do not dislike each other.

Can you plant lettuce with peppers?

Spinach, lettuce, and chard are suitable pepper companions. They help crowd out weeds and due to their short stature and rapid maturation, are a great way to maximize garden space and get in an additional crop.

Can I plant lettuce with flowers?

Let Plants Flower for Beneficial Insects and Pollinators – Lettuce blossoms are very attractive to many species of parasitic wasps, syrphid flies and other beneficial insects that help gardeners control pests in the landscape.

Can I plant zucchini and lettuce together?

Lettuce – Lettuce plants have very short roots, so they don’t fight for space and nutrients, making them perfect companions for zucchini. Additionally, even if zucchini plants are planted nearby, you can still sow your lettuce plants and it won’t affect your zucchini plants!

What can you not plant with leaf lettuce?

Avoid growing lettuce near Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and other plants related to cabbage. Remember that while some lettuce varieties can help brassicas and cabbage when it comes to growth, they have certain root secretions capable of preventing the germination of lettuce seeds.

What can I interplant with lettuce?

One simple interplanting scheme mixes onions, carrots, and lettuce in the same garden bed. These three plants have different leaf forms, light requirements, and rooting depths, which makes them compatible both physically and in terms of their resource needs.

Can marigolds be planted with lettuce?

Similarly marigolds, one of the big powerhouses of pest repellers, can be planted near lettuce to help keep the bugs away. There are plenty of other plants that, while they don’t actively repel lettuce eating bugs, are very happy growing next to it.

Can you grow spinach and lettuce together?

Lettuce: Lettuce is spinach’s best friend! They both have similar growth patterns, and because of this, they are perfect for intercropping. You will get higher yields from planting spinach and lettuce together than if you were to plant them alone in the same space.


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