What color spinnerbait should I use?

Keep colors simple – Go with a clear shad type color, a brighter chartreuse and white combination and maybe a black spinnerbait for night fishing and really muddy water. The clearer the water, the less you want the fish to see of the bait and fish it fast.

How do I choose spinnerbait blades?

Spinnerbait Blade Types with Mike Iaconelli

What is a Colorado spinnerbait?

Colorado Bladed Spinnerbaits – With a wide rounded profile and a deep cup, Colorado blade spinners like the Lunker Hunter Thump displace a ton of water when they rotate. This causes spinnerbaits with Colorado blades to produce lots of thump and vibration.

What is a Colorado blade?

Colorado blades are wider and shorter than willow blades. This allows deeper “cupping”, displacing more water. They can be gold, silver or painted.

How do you make a lure spinner bait?

How To Make A Spinnerbait fishing lure

How do you fish a Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm?

How to Fish a Zoom SPEED WORM – How to Fish a Swimming worm

What color do bass like in spring?

Springtime colors should be shad and crawfish-related whites, white/chartreuse, reds, and browns. Summertime means hot days and higher water temperatures. Bass will move near shore early to feed and then return to open water around creek channels or deeper structure.

How do you use a spinnerbait at night?

Night Fishing: Colorado Blade Spinnerbait

Do spinner baits need weights?

Fishing tip -adding weight to spinnerbait tip

How do you fish Strike King spinner?

KVD’s Secrets to Power Fishing Spinnerbaits

How do you fish for bass in Australia?

Head to river or dam banks with areas of shadows in the afternoon or at sunset. Night fishing is also a good time to catch Australian Bass. In general, look for shallow areas with structure such as fallen or submerged trees, rock bars, deep pools or thick vegetation. Australian Bass prefer to be in the shadows.


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