What dance can be performed in Bolero?

Bolero is a mixture of 3 dances: Tango (contra-body movement), Waltz (body rise and fall) and Rumba (Cuban motion and slow Latin music).

Can you dance to Bolero?

Bolero Dance Steps

What are the steps in bolero?

The Bolero basic timing is “slow, quick, quick”, where the quick-quick counts are the rock steps. The Bolero Basic Movement consists of two measures of music, the first a step to the side followed by a back rock, and the second a step to the side followed by a forward rock.

What is the story behind bolero?

In 1934, Wesley Ruggles’ Bolero was the first film in which it was heard. The film tells the story of Raoul (George Raft), a miner who wants to become a dancer. He goes off to fulfil his dream in Paris where he meets Helen (Carole Lombard), with whom he plans to stage a choreography on the music of Bolero.

What specific form can be performed with Bolero as music?

Bolero is a slow, beautiful, expressive dance that is somewhat of a hybrid. It combines the dance patterns of Rumba with the rise and fall action of the Waltz. It is danced to music in 4/4 time, at a tempo slower than Rumba.


Bolero Dancing

American Style Bolero | Level 4, Lesson 1

Bolero Dance Steps

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