What did Katherine Dunham do to jazz dance?

Katherine Dunham is revered as one of the great pillars of American dance. Her world-renowned dance company exposed audiences to the diversity of dance from the 1930s-1960s and her New York school brought dance training to a variety of populations.

What did Katherine Dunham contribute to jazz dance?

Katherine Dunham (1909–2006) brought African dance aesthetics to the United States, forever influencing modern and jazz dance. She was instrumental in getting respect for Black dancers on the concert dance stage and directed the first self-supported Black dance company.

What was Katherine Dunham dance technique?

A performance of the Dunham Technique involves the merging of polyrhythmic dance styles in continual motion. Katherine Dunham was the first to combine the individualistic dance movements of Caribbean and African cultures with European-style ballet.

What did Dunham establish and what was it used for?

Dunham establishes a cultural education program at the Alton campus of Southern Illinois University and, with two former members of the Dunham company, establishes classes at Rock Junior High School in East Saint Louis.

How was Katherine Dunham an influence to dance and society?

Dunham’s work was related to intercultural communication, socializing through the arts and form and function.” When she danced, she stripped down those cultural barriers and brought people together through the love of dance.

How did Katherine Dunham change the dance world?

Only Available in Archive Formats. Katherine Dunham introduced African and Caribbean rhythms to modern dance. The schools she created helped train such notables as Alvin Ailey and Jerome Robbins in the “Dunham technique.” Death came for Dunham this week.

What are two ways that Katherine Dunham contributed to the early development of jazz dance in the United States?

She combined her knowledge of ballet, Caribbean ceremonial and folk dances, and African American vernacular dance, inadvertently creating jazz dance. As well as dancing and choreographing, Dunham also operated her own school of dance called the Dunham School of Dance and Theater, which she opened in 1945.


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