What do I need to record singing at home?

A USB microphone, headphones, computer and recording software is enough to record your singing voice. However, a quality recording requires a microphone, audio interface, computer, recording software, headphones, XLR cable and microphone stand. A pop filter and cable adapters may also be required.

What should I use to record singing?

The standard microphone for vocal recording is a large diaphragm condenser. For 95% of situations, this microphone type will just work. If you are recording at home, I also recommend that you use a cardioid microphone.

What software do singers use to record their voice?

WavePadAudiophiles, music producers, music teachers, music students, voice actors, podcasts, small businesses
AV Music Morpher GoldDJs and home users
Avid Pro ToolsBudding musicians and home user
Zynewave PodiumMusicians and producers, and casual users

What equipment is needed to record home?

A microphone to record, a decent PC, audio “workstation” software, studio monitors, and an audio interface to link everything together. Even when you focus on those criteria, there are a lot of options.

What do I need for a beginner studio?

  1. A Music Production Computer (Laptop or PC) Your computer will be the heart of your studio.
  2. Choosing a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  3. An Audio Interface.
  4. A MIDI Controller.
  5. A Microphone.
  6. A Pair of Headphones.
  7. Studio monitors.
  8. Acoustic foams and panels for acoustic treatment.

Do I need a mixer for home recording?

As mentioned, you don’t actually need a mixer then. All you need is an audio interface to record inputs and connect your outputs to your speakers.

How do I set up a small recording studio at home?

  1. Choose the right room. Most homes aren’t designed with home recording in mind.
  2. Use a walk-in closet as a recording booth.
  3. Soundproof your room.
  4. Choose a desk and desk chair.

How do you set up a home recording studio on a budget for beginners?

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