What do the books represent in The Breadwinner?

The books represent the education that Parvana’s parents found important, but had to keep hidden.

What are some symbols in the breadwinner?

1.The flowers that Parvana plants for the Woman in the Window symbolize… -> feminine power True False
4.The sale of Parvana’s shalwar kameez symbolizes … -> a return to simpler styles True False
5.Shauzia’s apricots symbolize… -> hunger in a country at war True False

What happens in the book Parvana?

When soldiers burst into her home and drag her father off to prison, Parvana is forced to take responsibility for her whole family, dressing as a boy to make a living in the marketplace of Kabul, risking her life in the dangerous and volatile city.

How did the breadwinner end?

Weera is finding her own ride, while Father and Parvana have hitched themselves a ride in the back of a truck to go search of Mother, Nooria, and the little kids. But even though they all say their good-byes, the ending doesn’t seem all that sad.

How did the rule of the Taliban change the lives of Parvana’s family?

Parvana’s life changed suddenly when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Both of her parents lost their jobs; her mother is unable to work because the Taliban has forbidden it, and her father’s high school was bombed during a raid.

Why is the red shalwar kameez important to Parvana?

It is important because it is her only nice clothes. It symbolizes better times. The author mentions Parvana’s special red shalwar kameez on page 69, already described on page 24.

Why does Parvana plant wildflowers in the marketplace?

Why does Parvana plant wildflowers in the market place? To say goodbye and give the woman in the window hope.

Why is the book called the breadwinner?

The title of the book refers to the role of the protagonist, 11-year-old Parvana, who is forced by circumstances to be the breadwinner for her family in a war-torn Taliban-era in Afghanistan.

Is the book breadwinner based on a true story?

The real story began in the late 1990s, when peace activist-turned-author Ellis grew concerned about the treatment of women under the Taliban regime.

What is Parvana’s name as a boy?

The main character of the story who dressed as a boy to earn moneyParvana
The name Parvana used when she dressed as a boyKaseem
The oldest child in Parvana’s familyNooria
This is the character who worked for a radio station before the Taliban took overFatana (mother)

What is Parvana’s dad’s name?

Father called Parvana “Malali” because Malali was a heroine in Afghanistan who helped to lead an army into battle. He wanted her to be strong, like Malali, while he was gone. 3. What did the soldiers at the prison do with father’s photo?

What subject did Parvana’s father teach?

As we discussed in Chapter 1, Parvana’s father uses stories to teach his family about Afghanistan’s history.

Why I like the book The Breadwinner?

The Breadwinner is an important book and one that girls (and guys) everywhere should read to learn how women are treated in some societies. It reminds us how courageous and strong women are around the world, and how in difficult circumstances, they often have to make hard choices and find strength to deal with them.

What book comes after Parvana’s Journey?

by Deborah Ellis includes books The Breadwinner, Parvana’s Journey, Mud City, and several more.

How old is Ali in The Breadwinner?

Parvana’s little brother and sister haven’t been out of the house in eighteen months, and since Ali is only two years old and Maryam is only five, this means they’ve had pretty bleak childhoods.

What are the themes of breadwinner?

  • Education.
  • Freedom and Confinement.
  • Gender.
  • Suffering.
  • Warfare.
  • Courage.
  • Family.
  • Hope.

What is the thesis of the breadwinner?

Over the course of the book, Parvana gets a different personality; one that likes to help people in need. In the beginning of the book Parvana would only help her father and some family members. But closer to the end she will help anyone who came her way.

What is the male breadwinner model?

The male breadwinner model was based on a set of assumptions about male and female contributions at the household level: men having the primary respon- sibility to earn and women to care for the young and the old. Female dependence was inscribed in the model.

What is the climax in the breadwinner?

The main climax in the story is when Parvana’s Dad comes back and That makes she can be a normal girl again. Since parvana’s Dad comes back she can relax but she still has to work because her dad is too sick to work.

What two things do Mrs Weera and mother want to start?

Mrs. Weera tells Shauzia that she is going to start a secret school if she would like to attend, and Parvana makes the excellent joke that Mrs. W will be teaching field hockey. Later Mother says she wants to meet Shauzia’s mother and interview her for her magazine.

What is the setting of the breadwinner?

The book takes place in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Kabul has been devastated by the war and most people live in poverty. At one point, Parvana’s mother and siblings go to Mazar-e Sharif, a city to the north that has not yet fallen under Taliban control.

How does Parvana say goodbye to the window woman?

How does Parvana say goodbye to the Window woman? What has the relationship/interaction meant to both Parvana and the woman? She left a beautiful flower in the place where she worked so that the window women would look at something pretty.


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