What does a dance off mean?

Definition of dance-off – : a dancing competition The finals were a dance-off—one by one, each girl danced her routine alone, on stage, in front of an auditorium full of hundreds of strangers.—

What does dance on someone mean?

to behave like someone’s servant by being always ready to do what they ask you to do. Synonyms and related words. To treat someone with great or excessive care or kindness.

What happens if you dance on a grave?

Sometimes, a person may tell someone that he will dance on that person’s grave, meaning that he will outlive that person and celebrate when that person dies.

What Abegging means?

Idioms about abegging – go abegging, to be unnoticed, unused, or unappreciated; find few supporters: New ideas often go abegging.

What does the idiom to feather one’s nest mean?

Acquire wealth for oneself, especially by taking advantage of one’s position or using the property of others. For example, Bill’s many profitable consulting assignments enabled him to feather his nest quite comfortably. This expression alludes to birds making a soft nest for their eggs. [ Mid-1500s]

What does dance to someone else’s tune mean?

Definition of dance to someone’s tune – : to do what someone (else) wants or forces one to do The boss has got everyone dancing to her tune. The senators are dancing to the tune of the President.

How does a dance off work?

A dance-off is an informal competition between two dancers or groups who must progressively dance better than their opponent. Anyone can challenge you to a dance-off at any point in time, but sometimes, they pass for competitions. Dance-offs are just about showing attitude, improvising, and grooving to the music.

What is jam dancing?

Jamming in dance culture is a kind of informal show-off during a social dance party. Dancers clear a circle (jam circle or dance circle) and dancers or dance couples take turns showing their best tricks while the remaining dancers cheer the jammers on.


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