What does adjudication mean in dance?

Dance competitions (at least the ones we attend) are run on an adjudicated system, which essentially means that each routine gets a grade before they start comparing Page 2 routines against each other and ranking them.

How do you win the first place at a dance competition?

  1. #1. Clean lines (costumes and choreography)
  2. #2. Take ballet seriously.
  3. #3. Get grounded.
  4. #4. Performance quality.
  5. #5. Eye Contact (with judges)
  6. #6. Know your level.
  7. #7. Watch each other.
  8. #8. Crowd energy.

How long should a competition Solo be?

For a solo routine, Vamosi recommends a piece be no longer than two minutes and 20 seconds. For a group routine, he suggests keeping it under three minutes. “Longer is not better,” Vamosi advises. “Leave the judges wanting more!

What do judges look for in a performance?

Judge and professional cellist Jeffrey Solow states, “Judges look for technical excellence, beautiful tone, intelligent and informed interpretative decisions, plus personality and communication.” Don’t be afraid to loosen up and move with the music as comfortably on stage as you do at home.

How do you analyze a dance performance?

  1. Watch, listen, and experience the performance with an open mind. Do not view the dance as if it were a movie; you must involve yourself and be an active participant.
  2. Do a little research.
  3. Reread, edit, proofread, read aloud, have someone else read your critique, and take it to the writing center.


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