What does Cha Tra Mue mean?

My favourite Thai Tea brand in Bangkok is Cha Tra Mue which literally means ‘Number One Brand‘. It has been brewing up teas for more than 7 decades and has really established a name for itself.

Does Cha Tra Mue have caffeine?

Thai tea contains caffeine, so anyone who avoids caffeinated beverages for heart issues or other reasons should avoid Thai tea.

How much caffeine does Thai tea have in it?

Does Thai Tea Have Caffeine? Yes, it contains approximately 20-60 mg of caffeine as it is prepared using black tea.

Is ChaTraMue halal?

Halal status: Chatramue confirmed with us that their products are halal-certified, but the store itself has not received halal-certification. They have also told us that the pearls used in their Signature Milk line are not halal-certified. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Where did Thai tea originate?

Tea, first imported as a cash crop from China in the 1980s, is a relatively new commodity to Thailand. Once tea started becoming a popular beverage to serve alongside all different types of meals, it’s believed that a Thai leader who had a curiosity in Western culture actually invented Thai iced tea.

How do you make Chatramue instant Thai tea?

Only hot water is needed to be added, this quick and easy instant formula is for consumers who crave for a cup of delicious Thai milk tea. Just dissolve in hot water, you can serve it either hot or iced.

How do you drink Thai tea?

Hot Thai teas are also drunk by Thais and can be served with milk and without milk but are generally always sweetened with sugar or condensed milk or both.

Does Thailand have good tea?

If you are a tea aficionado in Thailand, fear not, as it turns out Thailand has a unique tea culture — from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, there is no shortage of places and types of tea to experience.

Can you grow tea in Thailand?

Thanks to its mountainous landscape and cooler climate, Northern Thailand is the ideal place for tea plants. Other than Chiang Mai, the neighboring cities Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son have their own tea plantations, including the winning tea at World Tea Festival. Below are some of the top tea plantations in Thailand.


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