What does hori hori mean in Japanese?

The word ‘hori’ literally means ‘to dig’ in Japanese, and the phrase ‘hori hori’ is the onomatopoeia for a digging sound. Although by definition it’s a digging tool, the hori hori knife can be used in an eclectic range of gardening tasks.

What is a Hori Japanese?

The Hori Hori is a traditional Japanese gardening tool, sometimes called a gardening knife. In Japanese, ‘Hori’ means ‘dig’, and the name ‘Hori Hori’ is actually a Japanese phrase that mimics the sound of digging! But don’t be fooled, this smart little multi-tool has so many more uses in the garden than just digging.

Is Hori a name?

Japanese: written 堀 ‘moat’. It is found mostly in central Japan and the Ryūkyū Islands. One noble family descended from the Fujiwara resided in Mino (now part of Gifu prefecture).

Is a Hori Hori knife worth it?

A hori hori knife can be a useful tool for any gardener, especially those looking for a low-effort and affordable tool. Because of its design, a Japanese gardening knife is extremely versatile, useful for a range of tasks from tackling tough weeds to handling more precise work.

What does Miya mean in Japanese?

Miya is a girl’s name of Japanese origin with several meanings, including “temple,” “shrine,” “relax,” and “beautiful.” This well-rounded name is unique in the US but popular in many other cultures. It can be spelled as Mia, Myah, and Miah.

How do you use a garden knife?

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How do you use Japanese garden tools?

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What is a garden Hori Hori?

The “hori hori” is a Japanese garden knife with a unique blend of digging and cutting features. Thanks to its shape and size, with it you can dig, transplant, saw, cut, and even measure soil depth for planting bulbs.

What are hori hori knives used for?

The blade is razor sharp and is serrated for cutting through roots and tough soil. Functions include a knife, a saw, a digging tool, or as a measuring device for planting bulbs. The hori-hori has uses in gardening such as weeding, cutting roots, transplanting, removing plants, sod cutting, and splitting perennials.

What does a hula hoe look like?


What does a Hori Hori look like?

A Hori Hori is a Japanese gardening knife usually with a wooden handle. They either have a smooth or sometimes serrated blade and the blade is usually on a curve or bevelled. Usually, they are made of carbon steel which can be cleaned, sharpened and maintained for years.

How do you say Hori Hori?

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