What episode of Dance Moms does Nia film her music video?

Nia already has a music video out for her single “Star In Your Own Life,” which premiered on the Dance Moms April 28 episode, “Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1.” Abby Lee and members of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) were not thrilled the first time Nia’s music took the spotlight and the same thing happened again this

What episode does Nia film her music video?

Star in Your Own Life.

What music video was Chloe lukasiak?

This is a music video by the artist Lux about her dreaming she was a little girl again. It features Chloe Lukasiak as Lux’s younger self, as well as the other members of the ALDC from Dance

Is Jojo friends with any of the girls from Dance Moms?

The moment Maddie Ziegler and Jojo Siwa became friends – Maddie Ziegler and Jojo Siwa first met as children on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms.” In an interview with J-14, Siwa recalls the specific moment that started her and Ziegler’s friendship.

Is Nia from Dance Moms an actor?

g Nia Frazier
Born:June 20, 2001
Home:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation:Dancer Singer Actress Model Student

What episode of Dance Moms did Nia do a concert?

g Nia Risks It All
Season 5, Episode 6
Air Date:February 10, 2015
Viewers:1.678 million
Recaps:Search Google

Has Dance Moms been renewed for 2020?

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller’s reality show is CANCELLED by Lifetime after she’s accused of making racially insensitive comments. Abby Lee Miller’s reality show has been cancelled following her racist remarks which the Dance Moms star yesterday apologized for.

Does Nia from Dance Moms still make music?

Nia dropped her latest single “Low Key Love” in 2020, and she vlogs on YouTube for over a million subscribers. In 2021, she started the podcast “Adulting with Teala and Nia” alongside Teala Dunn and played Hanna Brooks in the TV movie “Imperfect High.”

What is Nia from Dance Moms doing in 2021?

Sioux is also extremely popular on YouTube, with over a million subscribers, has released her own music and her own book, and hosts her own podcast with Teala Dunn called “Adulting with Teala and Nia,” which she started in 2021.


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