What era is American Smooth?

In 1971, the first professional American Style competition was held. This event was a mixture of American Rhythm and American Smooth. By 1984, the styles were separated. American Smooth became its own four dance event that is danced as it is today.

What dance is the American Smooth based on?

The American Smooth can be best described as a form of ballroom dancing with an enhanced repertoire of easy to perform, yet exciting steps. It incorporates steps from three ballroom disciplines – the Waltz, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot.

What is a smooth social dance?

The American Smooth dances consist of: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. In the American Smooth style, partners often separate from closed dance position, and dance apart from each other. American Smooth is quite popular at social dances, and is danced at major competition events across the United States.

What is American Rhythm dance style?

American Rhythm is comprised of five dances: Cha Cha, American Rumba, Swing, Bolero, and Mambo. It is often difficult to differentiate between American Rhythm, often abbreviated “Rhythm”, and International Latin. This difficulty originates, in part, in its inherent difference in technique.

Is one of the oldest and smoothest ballroom dance styles?

Waltz. Waltz was first danced as a country-folk dance in Bavaria and Austria in the 17th century and later introduced in England in the 19th century. It is the smoothest type among all ballroom dances, and it consists of uninterrupted turns, rise and fall, and long, flowing moves.

When was Latin dance created?

Dating back at least to the 15th century, which is when indigenous dances were first documented by European explorers, the roots of Latin dance are both deep and geographically far-reaching.

In what year did the cha-cha become really popular?

First introduced to the United States in 1954, the popular dance was at one time referred to as Cha Cha Cha. By 1959, the dance movement gained so much popularity that it eventually replaced the Mambo as the most popular dance. By this time the name has been reduced to the famillar Cha Cha.

Which movement do the smooth or standard style focus on?

Standard / Smooth – The Smooth, Standard style focuses on the elegance, grace and fluidity of movement. Dancers rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, moving around the entire floor. The couple is constantly moving on the dance floor, transitioning from one place to the next in a fixed pattern.

What does the term B stand for in ballroom dancing?

Common Abbreviations – BLOD – Backward Line of Dance. BPM – Beats per minute. BWD – Backward.


Ore Oduba & Joanne American Smooth to ‘Singin’ In The Rain’

Jang N Adele Don I American Smooth I Tango

Volodymyr Barabash – Yulia Rudenco I Professional American …

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