What flowering plant grows well in shade?

Standard impatiens are some of the best flowers for shade. New Guinea impatiens are hybrids that can take more sun and are considered partial shade flowers. Read on for more ideas about flowers to plant in the shade.

What perennials thrive in the shade?

  • ‘Silver Bouquet’ Pulmonaria. Brighten shady beds with the silvery leaves of ‘Silver Bouquet’ pulmonaria.
  • ‘Fanal’ Astilbe.
  • ‘Red Lightning’ Heuchera.
  • Bleeding Heart.
  • Japanese Painted Fern.
  • Pink Frost Lenten Rose.
  • ‘Blue Heron’ Corydalis.
  • ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ Hosta.

What tall flowers grow in shade?

  • Opening Day Doublefile Viburnum.
  • Dear Dolores Hydrangea.
  • Golden Rule Hypericum.
  • Large Fothergilla.
  • ‘Flaming Silver’ Japanese Pieris.
  • Pink Perplexion Camellia.
  • Kodiak Orange Diervilla.
  • Scarlet Beauty Sweetspire.

Will wildflowers grow in shade?

Wildflower meadows are often associated with open, sunny swathes of land, but there are plenty of gorgeous wildflowers to grow in shade. Even the smallest spots can be used to grow wildflowers – try creating a mini wildflower meadow, or take a look at more ways to create a mini meadow.

Does hydrangea grow in shade?

Hydrangeas like dappled or occasional shade, but they will not bloom in heavy shade.

Will petunias grow in shade?

While petunias do best with full sun, they will also grow in partial sun or even somewhat shady conditions. Although petunias will bloom and grow with less than full sun, they may not flower as much as those that receive more direct sunlight. In fact, the less sunlight, the fewer petunias blooms.

What plants can grow with little sunlight?

  • ZZ Plant. ZZ plant grows well in a dry environment and pushes the low-light limit to its extreme.
  • Snake Plant. Snake plant performs well in dry spells and handles moderate to low light with ease.
  • Staghorn Fern.
  • Pothos.
  • Maidenhair Fern.
  • Dieffenbachia.
  • Philodendron.
  • Lucky Bamboo.

What flowers grow in the dark?

  • Queen of the Night. Queen of the night only blooms once every one or two years.
  • Datura.
  • ‘Red Flare’ Water Lily.
  • Dragonfuit Cactus.
  • Evening Primrose.
  • ‘Casa Blanca’ Lily.
  • Gardenia Augusta.
  • Four O’Clocks.

Can flowers bloom without sunlight?

Not all plants need direct sunlight. In fact, plenty of annuals, perennials, and tropicals can thrive in the shade. Whether you want to brighten up those dim corners in your yard or liven up a spot in the shadow of a large tree, these shade-loving flowering plants happily grow where their full sun counterparts won’t.

Can peace lilies grow without sunlight?

The Sensation Peace Lily stands low light but would rather like moderate light. Place the plant in your house near a window that receives adequate sunlight. Putting it in a very dark area will not help it thrive. However, direct sunlight will burn its sensitive leaves.


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