What genre is Coffin dance?

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What is the coffin dance called?

Dancing Pallbearers, also known by a variety of names, including Dancing Coffin, Coffin Dancers, Coffin Dance Meme, or simply Coffin Dance, are a Ghanaian group of pallbearers who are based in the coastal town of Prampram in the Greater Accra Region of southern Ghana, although they perform across the country as well as

Where did the coffin dance originated?

What is the Origin of Coffin Dance Meme? The origin of these videos is in Ghana, where there is a tradition to celebrate death and journey thereafter to another world (another birth). Back in 2015, a YouTuber with an account name Travelin Sister was in Ghana for her mother in law’s funeral.

What is the funeral meme?

The funeral dance meme has been revived amid the coronavirus pandemic. Back in 2017, a video went viral of pallbearers in Ghana, who give a rather elaborate send offs to their loved ones by dancing with the coffin.

What is the coffin dance based on?

The ‘coffin dance’ is an internet meme comprising of a video group of guys in Ghana, dressed in funeral outfits, carrying a casket and dancing. The meme took popularity after the music of ‘Astronomia’ by Vicetone & Tony Igy.

Is Coffin dance a ritual?

Basically, the idea is to provide the deceased with a flamboyant and upbeat send-off instead of a solemn ceremony. Before proceeding with the performance, the pallbearers will still have to ask the bereaved family if they want to give their loved one a traditional funeral or a “dancing to trip” to heaven.

Why do Africans dance at funeral?

Many of the African traditions ushering out the dead include a celebratory aspect to remind those left behind of the richness of life. Some of these rituals include dancing, which provides the deceased with “light feet” as they journey to the other world. “Mourning dances are often preformed.

Why do Tamils dance at funerals?

It is a pretty common practice in in Tamil Nadu, but only among certain communities. Not all communities perform this dance when a person dies. These people want to dance and make merry because they believe that this dance will keep the soul happy when it leaves the body.


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