What grade level book is Shiloh?

This book’s Lexile measure is 890L and is frequently taught in the 4th and 5th grade.

What age group is the book Shiloh for?

In 1999, Shiloh was selected as a recommended novel for children ages nine to twelve in the Read Across America initiative.

Does the book Shiloh have cuss words?

Language. The review from Common Sense Media doesn’t mention that there is cussing in this children’s book.

What is the main problem in the book Shiloh?

himself. Marty has internal conflict when he is trying to decide whether or not to lie to his parents. He chooses to lie in order to save Shiloh’s life and protect him from being beaten by Judd Travers. This conflict continues throughout the book as Marty has to continue to lie to his loved ones and friends.

What should I read after Shiloh?

  • Grandfathers.
  • Dogs.
  • Sled Dog Racing.

Is Shiloh based on a true story?

Phyllis replied: Indeed, Shiloh was a real dog, who died in 2000, that I found in the community of Shiloh, West Virginia. For all your questions about me or the book or the dog, please use my website, www.phyllisnaylor.com It will tell you all you ever wanted to know!

What kind of dog was Shiloh?

Plot. An abused Beagle puppy runs away from his cruel owner, Judd Travers, and meets a boy named Marty Preston. The puppy follows the boy to his home, but is not allowed to stay with him. Marty names him Shiloh.

How many points is Shiloh?

ATOS Book Level:4.4
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:4.0
Word Count:29617

What happens at the end of the book Shiloh?

At the end of the story, Leroy sees Norma Jean in the distance, turning towards him from the bluffs overlooking the river: Now she turns towards Leroy and waves her arms. Is she beckoning to him? She seems to be doing an exercise for her chest muscles (7.31).

What year does the book Shiloh take place?

We know that Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor takes place in the little town of Friendly, West Virginia, but the time frame is not specifically stated. The book was published in 1991 and, based on the clues from the book, the story probably takes place in the mid to late 1900s.

Is Shiloh an AR book?

ATOS Book Level:4.9
Topic – Subtopic:Animals-Dogs; Award Winners-BCCB Blue Ribbon Book; Interpersonal Relationships-Neighbors; Interpersonal Relationships-Friendship; Social Issues-Prejudice & Discrimination; U.S. States/Regions-West Virginia;

What is the book Shiloh about?

The book Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is about Marty Preston and his willingness to, in a sense, serve an abused dog. The dog is named Shiloh after he runs away to young Marty, after being abused by Judd Travers. He keeps the dog in secret for fear of being caught by his family or Judd.

What is the main idea of Shiloh Chapter 7?

Lesson Summary – Chapter 7 contrasts the lives of Marty and David. David comes from a family with a large home who can afford fancy food and is content while Marty’s family is struggling to put food on the table each day. Marty is getting more and more comfortable lying to keep Shiloh safe.

What is the main idea of Shiloh Chapter 8?

Marty is paralyzed with fear at the thought of Judd finding Shiloh on their land. However, he is relieved when his parents discuss it and decide that it is not a good idea. Marty knows his secret cannot last forever especially since he is having to make up more and more stories and lies.

What is the summary of Shiloh Chapter 2?

Lesson Summary – In chapter two of Shiloh, Marty and his father return the dog they found to Judd Travers, the man they think owns the dog Marty found. We learn more about Judd Travers and the many reasons that Marty does not like him.

What is the summary of Shiloh Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1 of Shiloh we meet Marty, his family, and the dog that Marty names Shiloh. Marty describes the location of his home in the hills in West Virginia and makes it clear that he is an animal lover. Marty tells us that he is concerned that Shiloh is not being treated well.

What happened to Shiloh the dog?

Shiloh does NOT die in my series. Perhaps the fact that the real dog back in West Virginia, which inspired the series, died in 2000, gets mixed up with the dog in the book. Although there are lots of tense moments in A Shiloh Christmas, I think that both you and your son will enjoy the ending.

How many Shiloh dog books are there?

Shiloh (4 book series) Kindle Edition. Marty will do anything to save his new friend Shiloh in this Newbery Medal–winning novel from Phillis Reynolds Naylor. When Marty Preston comes across a young beagle in the hills behind his home, it’s love at first sight—and also big trouble.

How was the main problem in Shiloh solved?

He solved the first problem of where to keep Shiloh by building a make-shift pen in the hills behind their house. The next problem he needed to solve was how to keep Shiloh quiet. Then, he discovered that because of the abuse Shiloh had experienced, Shiloh knew that being quiet was the key to his safety.

What does Marty do to try to keep Shiloh?

What does Marty do to try to keep Shiloh? Judd kills a deer.


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