What happened to the lead singer of UB40?

Astro, a reggae toaster and singer who helped anchor the British band UB40 for more than 30 years, dancing across the stage in frenetic live shows, singing lead on songs such as “Rat in Mi Kitchen” and performing a chantlike verse on the sunny crossover hit “Red Red Wine,” died Nov. 6 at 64.

Which of the UB40 died?

As Astro with a popular racially diverse British group, he added rap vocals to hits like “Red Red Wine.”

What happened to Brian Travers?

Brian Travers, a saxophonist, arranger and lyricist for the group UB40 and one of its founding members, died Sunday at age 62 at his home near Birmingham in England. The cause of death was cancer; Travers was reported to have undergone three surgeries for brain tumors since they were discovered in early 2019.

When did Astro out of UB40 died?

Astro – whose real name was Terence Wilson – died today (November 6). He was 64 years old. A tweet on the Ali Campbell and Astro Twitter account shared the sad news with fans, saying they were “absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken” by his death.

How many Campbell brothers are there?

Along with older brother David, the four brothers are the sons of the late folk singer Ian Campbell, who died in 2012. However, Ali did not attend their father funeral due to the feud. In 2018, Robin told the Birmingham Mail: “There was no battle when Ali left. He spent five years performing under his own name.

Where did Astro from UB40 live?

Born on 24 June in 1957 to Jamaican immigrants in Birmingham, Wilson went to school with Duncan Campbell, who also joined the original UB40 band as a musician. In his youth, Wilson earned the nickname Astro which he became known by to fans.

What is a UB40 stand for?

UB40 took their name from the British unemployment benefits card, a form they replicated as the cover of their 1980 debut album Signing Off.

Who sang the original Red Red Wine?

“Red Red Wine” is a song originally written, performed and recorded by American singer Neil Diamond in 1967 that appears on his second studio album, Just for You. The lyrics are written from the perspective of a person who finds that drinking red wine is the only way to forget his woes.

Why is Ali Campbell not in UB40 anymore?

In 2008, when frontman Ali left, it was not an amicable split. That same year he told The Times he had been forced to leave after numerous business disputes. He said former colleagues accused him of putting a solo album before the band and turning into an “egomaniac”.

Is Ali Campbell sick?

Conversation. We are absolutely devastated and completely heartbroken to have to tell you that our beloved Astro has today passed away after a very short illness. The world will never be the same without him.

What happened to Duncan Campbell?

Campbell, 63, had a seizure at home earlier this month following a stroke in August last year and has spent the past 10 months recovering in preparation for the British reggae group’s forthcoming UK tour.

Is Duncan Campbell ill?

UB40 frontman Duncan Campbell has announced he is “reluctantly” retiring from music after having a seizure at home earlier this month. The 63-year-old, who replaced his brother Ali on singing duties in the British reggae pop band in 2008, suffered a stroke in August last year.

Is Ali Campbell still performing?

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell have confirmed that they will continue with plans to tour this year. Ex-UB40 member Astro died in November 2021 of a short illness, and the lineup of the group featuring singer Ali Campbell will play their previously-announced shows in February in his memory.

How many original members are in UB40?

Once Robin had joined the others in their jamming sessions, the eight musicians formed a band, deciding on the name ‘UB40’ after a friend suggested it was an appropriate name given the unemployed status of all of the band members.

Did Duncan Campbell have a stroke?

Singer Duncan Campbell has revealed he’s stepping down from UB40 and retiring from music, following a seizure earlier this month. The frontman, 63, suffered a stroke in August least year, spending the last 10 months recovering in anticipation for the reggae group’s upcoming tour.

Who had a stroke from UB40?

Duncan Campbell, current lead singer of reggae band UB40, is recovering in hospital after suffering a stroke. In a statement, the Birmingham-based band said he was “already up and about” and asked fans for privacy during his recuperation.


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