What happens at the end of Memory Keepers daughter?

In the final chapter, Norah gets married to a man named Frederic. They plan to move to France, where Phoebe and Paul will visit them for a little while.

What is the climax of the Memory Keepers daughter?

Climax. David and Norah get a divorce when Paul moves away to become a successful musician. David becomes depressed after the divorce, decides that he wants to tell Norah about Phoebe, and dies of a heart attack.

Who is Caroline in the memory keeper’s daughter?

Caroline Gill Caroline is the attending nurse at Phoebe and Paul’s birth. When David asks her to take Phoebe to an institution because Phoebe has Down syndrome, she decides to keep the baby, move to Pittsburgh, and start a new life. She later marries Al and raises Phoebe to adulthood.

When was The Memory Keeper’s Daughter written?

AuthorKim Edwards
PublisherViking Press (2005) Penguin Books Doubleday Dell Publishing Group
Publication date2005

What is the message of The Memory Keeper’s daughter?

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter reveals the strength of family bonds under unique and difficult circumstances.

Is The Memory Keepers daughter a true story?

Despite the idea being based on a true story, the novel begins in 1964, not 1934, and Henry is a doctor, not the impoverished farmer his father was.

Who wrote The Memory Keeper’s Daughter?

Kim Edwards is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, which was translated into thirty-eight languages. She is also the author of the New York Times bestselling novel, The Lake of Dreams, and a collection of short stories, The Secrets of a Fire King.

What is the conflict in the memory keeper’s daughter?

This event introduces the main conflict within the novel, as David’s secret creates a wall between himself and his family. Believing that Phoebe has died, Norah is in anguish over the loss of her daughter, feeling her absence as tangible grief within the house.


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