What happens at the end of the novel The Hungry Tide?

He decided to stay on the island while Horen took Fokir away, and saved the notebook for Kanai. Weeks later, Nilima found Nirmal in Canning, disoriented and angry. He died months later.

What is the main theme of The Hungry Tide?

While The Hungry Tide grapples primarily with the conflict between man and nature (in which man is relatively helpless in the face of dangerous natural forces), it also explores the conflicts that arise when people with power take it upon themselves to preserve and protect the natural world from overfishing, poaching,

Who is Kanai in The Hungry Tide?

Kanai. Kanai is one the novel’s protagonists, an upper-class, city-bred translator who travels to Lusibari to visit his aunt. Kanai finds himself comfortable in a society that rewards his class status and gender, and though he feels twinges of guilt at using these to his advantage, he pushes through.

What country is The Hungry Tide set in?

The Hungry Tide is a rich, exotic saga set in Calcutta and in the vast archipelago of islands in the Bay of Bengal.

What type of the novel is The Hungry Tide explain?

A prophetic novel of remarkable insight, beauty, and humanity set in the Sundarbans, an immense labyrinth of tiny islands on the easternmost coast of India. The Hungry Tide is a very contemporary story of adventure and unlikely love, identity and history, set in one of the most fascinating regions on the earth.

Who is Kanai Dutt?

Kanai is a wealthy middle-aged translator who works in New Delhi. When he was ten, he was sent to the Sundarbans to live with his aunt Nilima and uncle Nirmal as punishment for misbehaving in school.


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