What happens in Beware of the villainess?

After dying in a car accident, Han Da Young finds herself in the body of the villainess from a popular novel called “All the Men that Loved Her”. She is determined to live as a jobless rich girl and making sure that the heroine of the novel does not get taken advantage of by the useless male leads.

Who is the male lead in Beware of Villainess?

Ian Vasillios is a minor character in Beware the Villainess!, as well as one of the male leads in the original novel, All the Men that Loved Her.

Does Yuri Elizabeth like Melissa?

Yuri Elizabeth – Yuri became grateful to Melissa for helping her be free of her puppet-like role as the story’s female lead, and also expressed romantic feelings towards Melissa. They remain as friends and allies throughout the series, with Yuri helping Melissa and the others several times with healing and the like.

Who is Yuri in Beware of the Villainess?

Previously a commoner, Yuri Elizabeth was adopted into the Elizabeth family for her magical prowess. The Elizabeth household is a very powerful and exclusive family filled with magical prodigies. Her beauty and sweet personality attracts the interests of four men — although they’re all trash.

Who is the creator of Beware of the Villainess?

I’m Ratique, creator of the fantasy/romance webcomic series Queen of Gods, which automatically gives me undeniable authority for making the best dream cast for Tapas’ latest hit series Beware the Villainess.


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