What has Graham Norton written?

About The Author – Graham Norton is the award-winning host of The Graham Norton Show, one of the most popular programs on BBC America. He is the author of the bestselling memoirs So Me and The Life and Loves of a He Devil. He lives in London and is the author of the novels Holding and A Keeper.

Has Graham Norton written any books?

Has Graham Norton got a husband?

Although Graham is officially single, with it last reported that he was secretly dating a member of The Graham Norton Show’s crew back in 2018.

Where is Graham Norton now?

Graham Norton confirms exciting new gig after leaving BBC Radio 2. Graham Norton is set to join Virgin Radio UK to host a flagship show on Saturdays and Sundays. The exciting news comes shortly after the much-loved…

Is Graham Norton still on?

In late January 2017, it was confirmed that Norton had signed a new three-year deal with the BBC which, along with his BBC Radio 2 show, Eurovision commentary duties and other projects for the BBC, would also keep The Graham Norton Show on BBC One until at least 2020.

How many fiction books has Graham Norton written?

He has also written three fiction books. His first, Holding, came out in 2016, his second, A Keeper, came out in 2018, and his latest, Home Stretch, came out at the start of October this year.

Is Graham Norton writing another book?

Chat show host Graham Norton has announced his fourth and “darkest, funniest” novel is set to be released this September.

Why is Holding by Graham Norton called Holding?

The names had been chosen because his mother’s father, Patrick, had died just six weeks before her son was born, and because his mother was a big fan of James Garner, the actor that starred in The Rockford Files. His father had provided the surname.

Is Graham Norton in the Holding?

Holding was originally a book by the 58-year-old BBC host, published in 2019. ITV bosses soon picked it up, bringing the story to life from the pages to the small screen. While Norton hasn’t been an executive producer on Holding, he hasn’t been afraid to share his views on the show either.

Who Wrote Holding TV series?

GenreCrime drama
Based onHolding by Graham Norton
Written byDominic Treadwell-Collins Karen Cogan
Directed byKathy Burke

What has Graham Norton been in?

Does Graham Norton make wine?

Since 2014 Graham Norton – comedian, actor and talk show host – has been endorsing a range of wines made by Invivo, a New Zealand winery.


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