What is a flex tree saddle made of?

LEATHER-FLEX TREE – Our Leather Trees are real trees made from several layers of high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and high-density foams sewn together to shape the form of a saddle tree and a metalhead plate assembled.

What is a flex tree in a saddle?

A flex tree saddle has bars that are flexible, allowing the saddle to flex with the horse. The flexibility ‘enhances’ an already proper fit, it doesn’t attempt to create it.

What does a flex tree look like?

Julie Goodnight: Talks About Flex Trees and Wood … – YouTube

Are fiberglass tree saddles good?

Fiberglass Covered: Fiberglass is a recent addition to saddle making. It proves itself to be a very durable material and without question protects the wood underneath. Fiberglass is a more economical option than bull hide or rawhide, the price of which is more at the mercy of the economy.

What kind of saddle tree is best?

Rigid Tree – These trees are generally stronger and last longer than any other tree. However, rigid tree saddles tend to weigh more and require a better fit to the animal. Rigid tree saddles are better for heavier riders and less likely to create pressure points than other types of trees.

What wood are saddle trees made of?

All quality saddle trees are made out of wood… usually a type of pine wood, but many of the high end custom tree makers have their preferred types of wood for different parts of the tree.

What are saddle trees made of?

Traditionally, the tree of an English saddle is built of laminated layers of high quality wood reinforced with spring steel along its length, with a riveted gullet plate. These trees are semi-adjustable and are considered “spring trees”.

What type of leather are saddles made of?

Although there are many types of hides, cattlehide is most commonly used in crafting a saddle.

How do you put Rawhide on a saddle tree?

To rawhide a saddle tree, place a large piece of rawhide over the tree and press it, starting at the horn and working your way down. Next, use 3 or 4 tiny saddle tacks to secure the hide to the horn and nail it to the rest of the tree.

How do you make a leather saddle?

How to make Western Saddles {www downloadshiva com} – YouTube

How are saddles formed?

A saddle is the lowest area between two highlands (prominences or peaks) which has two wings which span the divide (the line between the two prominences) by crossing the divide at an angle, and, so is concurrently the local highpoint of the land surface which falls off in the lower direction.

What is the tree on a horse saddle?

Essentially, a saddle tree consists of four parts: the pommel, the cantle, and two tree “bars”. The saddle tree bars are long, flat pieces of wood, fiberglass, metal, or a flexible composite material. These lie along each side of the horse’s spine and help to evenly distribute the rider’s weight along his topline.


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