What is a golden ticket in Dance?

The World Dance Championship is a true best of the best competition where studios from across the globe come to compete for the title of World Dance Champion. Star Dance Alliance events, like NexStar National Talent Competition, award exclusive invitations, called “golden tickets” to attend this esteemed event.

What does elite gold mean in dance?

Each judge is allocated 100 points. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Award Pins will be awarded based on the combined scores from three judges as follows: Elite Platinum — 293-300 points, Platinum — 285-292.9 points, Elite Gold — 279-284.9 points, Gold — 270-278.9 points, Elite Silver — 269.9 points or lower.

What is NexStar dance?

Founded in 2001 by Mr. Kent Helton, NexStar has grown to become one of the nation’s leaders in dance competitions. It is our mission to provide dancers of all levels a positive, fun, safe, and family-friendly environment to showcase their hard work and talents.

What is SDA champion?

Regional Champions at all Star Dance Alliance Regional Competitions are eligible for the SDA Power Rankings. The Regional Champion is the highest scoring routine in each performance level and age division (small groups, large groups & lines combined) for the entire competition.

Does starpower allow independent entries?

Independent Entries are welcome. POINT SYSTEM: Each entry will be competing against a pre-determined amount of points and will be reflected in our STAR scoring program DIVISIONAL 1st PLACE AWARDS: If there is only one entry in a division, a 1st place trophy will be awarded if the performer received 4 STARS or higher.

Does starpower live stream?

You can also view our livestream via the DanceBug app. DanceBug app can only be viewed on a mobile device.


GOLDEN TICKET Jazz Large Group 13 14 Work …

NON STOP – Audition Series – Millennium Dance Complex, Utah

1K Phew – Golden Ticket

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