What is a good book for a 4th grader?

James & the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl – No list of books for 4th graders would be complete without at least one novel by Dahl, and James & the Giant Peach is sure to please.

What books should fourth grader be reading?

  • Indian No More by Charlene Willing McManis.
  • Wings of Fire series by Tui T Sutherland.
  • Fables by Arnold Lobel.
  • The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling.
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
  • The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

What reading level is Nancy Drew books?

Nancy Drew books are written at an 8 to 12 year old’s reading level; however, that does NOT mean that the situations in the books are appropriate for every 8 to 12 year old. Reading level does not dictate whether or not a book is right for your child.

How can I help my 4th grader with reading?

  1. Read aloud. Don’t stop reading aloud to your child simply because they are old enough to be reading on their own.
  2. Play word games together to build their sight word vocabulary.
  3. Let your child reread their favorite books.
  4. Instruct your child to read aloud for one minute.

What books are appropriate for 8 year olds?

  • How to Train Your Dragon. Cressida Cowell (Hodder)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl (Puffin)
  • The Tale of Despereaux. Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering (Walker)
  • The Arrival. Shaun Tan (Hodder)
  • Matilda.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Book 1.
  • The Demon Headmaster.
  • Charlotte’s Web.

What is the most popular book for 9 year olds?

  1. The Last Last-Day-of-Summer. Number One.
  2. Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire.
  3. Power Forward #1.
  4. Stella Díaz Has Something to Say.
  5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  6. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.
  7. Wish.
  8. Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja.

What is a good book for a 10 year old?

  1. The One and Only Ivan. One of a Kind.
  2. Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster. Enchanting Storytelling.
  3. Roller Girl. A Favorite.
  4. Odd and the Frost Giants. Written By a Master.
  5. Belly Up. So Much Fun.
  6. All Four Stars. Top Rated.
  7. Smile.
  8. Treasure Hunters.

Is Harry Potter appropriate for 8 year old?

The Harry Potter Series: Ages and Stages – The first three Harry Potter books are great to read aloud to kids aged from about six or seven up. Certainly most children – both boys and girls – will love them from the age of eight.

What should I read to my 7 year old?

  • The Very Very Far North. by Dan Bar-El.
  • The Robber Hotzenplotz. by Otfried Preussler.
  • The Chocolate Touch. by Patrick Skene Catling.
  • Fox on a Swing. by Evelina Daciutè
  • Chapter Two is Missing. by Josh Lieb.
  • The Lying King. by Alex Beard.
  • The Boring Book. by Shinsuke Yoshitake.
  • Zen Shorts. by Jon J.

Do 7 year olds read chapter books?

Note: A chapter book or chapterbook is a story book intended for intermediate readers, generally age 7-10. Obviously, older kids and adults can read them, and younger kids can have chapter books read to them too.

How many books should a 7 year old read?

A Frequent reader, age 6-11, reads about 44 books per year, while an Infrequent reader reads only around 22. And that difference increases substantially as kids get older. Infrequent readers, age 12-17, only read 4.7 books a year.

How long should a 4th grader read each day?

It is often recommended that beginning readers spend 15 or 20 minutes reading each day (in addition to the reading they do at school). However, the amount of reading a child does is most important, not the amount of time she spends doing it.

What should my child learn in 4th grade?

In 4th grade, students will learn to use research tools to write reports. They will master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills and start to explore simple geometry. They will read and create their own charts, graphs, and tables.

Why is 4th grade so important?

Fourth grade can be an amazing year of learning in which students gain greater command of an increasingly complex and mature set of social and academic skills—if teachers take the time to get to know their 4th grade students, understand their common characteristics, and plan and teach accordingly.

What do Grade 4 students learn?

Gears, multiplication, personal health and the people of Alberta—exciting topics for exploration! Grade 4 students take eight required subjects: Art, English Language Arts, Health and Life Skills, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies.


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