What is a good companion plant for?

Friends: Plant mint among your lettuce to keep away the slugs that feed on lettuce leaves, or plant chives and garlic to repel aphids. Beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, corn, peas, radishes, and marigolds also work as good companion plants. Marigolds attract aphid-eating ladybugs.

What are recommended companion plants?

Crop NameCompanions
ONIONSBeets Cabbage Carrot Chard Lettuce Strawberry Tomatoes
PEASAlyssum Carrot Chives Corn Grapes Lettuce Mint Radish Spinach Turnip
PEPPERSBasil Marjoram Onions Oregano
POTATOESBasil Beans Calendula Catmint Cilantro Garlic Horseradish Oregano Peas Tansy

How close together do you plant companion plants?

How close do they need to be? Plants that have known beneficial relationships (friends) should be planted within two or three rows of each other. Plants that are known to have detrimental relationships (foes) should be planted at least 2-3 rows apart.

Is lavender a companion plant?

Lavender makes a great companion plant because it can keep garden pests away due to its strong scent. Lavender, as well as most of the companion plants below, can attract pollinators to your garden.

Can I plant lavender and mint together?

Unfortunately, though, mint’s needs are incompatible with those of lavender. Mint needs rich, moist soil, completely opposed to that of lavender. While it can’t stand soggy soil, mint is extremely thirsty and requires plenty of water to flourish – much more than your lavender will stand.

Can you plant marigolds and lavender together?

African and Shasta daisies, zinnias, African marigold and sedum are all excellent choices as companion flowers for your lavender. These plants are all easy to care for, thrive in full sun and grow in well-drained soil.

What can you plant next to each other in a garden?

Popular Companion Plants for Vegetables – Marigolds – One of the best companion plants out there, marigolds help virtually any vegetable. They are particularly helpful for tomatoes, repelling the nematodes that like to attack the roots of vegetables. Mint – Mint repels both ants and cabbage moths.

Is Lavender companion plant for tomatoes?

Planting Companion Flowers – Lavender is beneficial around chamomile, lettuce, brassicas, onions, tomatoes, oregano, thyme, marjoram, sage, rosemary, basil, lemon balm, and squash.

What plants benefit each other?

VegetableCompanion PlantDon’t Plant Together
OnionsBeets, carrots, Swiss chard, lettuce, peppersAll beans and peas
PeasBeans, carrots, corn, cucumbers, radish, turnipGarlic, onions
PotatoesBeans, corn, peasTomatoes
SquashCorn, melons, pumpkinsNone

How do you plant companion plants?

Companion Planting Made Easy – YouTube

What can you plant together in a square foot garden?


What grows well with marigolds?

Marigolds come in vibrant yellow, red, and orange hues, which can be beautifully paired with complementary colors of other flowers in the garden landscape. Try interplanting marigolds with allium, coreopsis, roses, salvia, bachelor buttons, lavender, and geranium plants for eye-catching appeal.

Do plants help other plants grow?

Summary: Contrary to the long-held belief that plants in the natural world are always in competition, new research has found that in harsh environments mature plants help smaller ones — and thrive as a result.

What should you not plant together?

  • Mint and onions where asparagus is growing.
  • Pole beans and mustard near beets.
  • Anise and dill neighboring carrots.
  • Cucumber, pumpkin, radish, sunflower, squash, or tomatoes close to potato hills.

What should I plant in my first garden?

Beets, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, peas, radishes, cherry tomatoes and green beans are some of the easiest vegetables for beginners to grow. Summer and winter squash are also good choices for first-time gardeners.

How do I make a flower bed layout?

In general, plants in borders are arranged with tall plants (taller than 2 to 3 feet) placed in the back, mid-size plants (10 inches to 2 to 3 feet tall) in the middle, and short plants (less than 10 inches) in the front of the bed. It is best to use groupings or drifts of plants for a natural feel.

Do sunflowers and tomatoes grow well together?

Tomatoes are one such plant, benefitting greatly from being planted with sunflowers. In fact, sunflowers are like tomato-defenders, repelling aphids and ultimately saving your harvest. Tomatoes may get the biggest benefit out of the partnership, but they do attract some pollinators which will help the sunflowers too.

What herbs should not be planted together?

  • Keep fennel and wormwood isolated from other plants.
  • Rue should be kept away from sage, basil, and cabbages.
  • Anise and dill should not be planted near carrots.
  • Keep dill clear of tomatoes.
  • Sage makes a bad bedfellow with cucumber and onion.

What grows rosemary?

When considering rosemary companion planting, the best companion plant is broccoli as both plants benefit from being planted together. Planting rosemary nearby will also help your beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and hot peppers to flourish.

Is thyme a good companion plant?

Thyme can flourish next to rosemary, sage, marjoram, and oregano in your herb garden, but it also makes for a great companion plant in your vegetable garden that gives more benefits than it receives. Some of the best companions for thyme are: Strawberries. Thyme works as a deterrent to worms.

What is companion planting chart?

Garden cropCompanion plants
CucumbersBeans, Beets, Corn, Onions, Garden peas, Radishes
Garden peasBeans, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Peppers, Radishes, Spinach, Tomatoes
GarlicBeets, Carrots, Cole crops, Eggplant, Peppers, Potatoes, Tomatoes
LettuceCorn, Pumpkins, Radishes, Squash

What is an example of companion planting?

One of the most well-known examples of companion planting is that of the “Three Sisters” method, used widely by Native American farming societies. Corn, pole beans, and squash are together for the mutual benefit of all three.


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